What are the rules for defending the Bible? Should we even think in terms of defending the Bible?

What types of helps (or notes) are in the Defender's Bible that make it different from a standard Study Bible? What other tools and resources are available that provide reliable responses to the challenges thrown at our faith?

Why do so many people stand on a translation that speaks in the language of Shakespeare? A language that is dead and has many words that do not translate the same today? (KJV - 1611). Many people recognize the Old King James as an excellent and reliable translation, that is word-for-word in nature, but still quite smooth and flowing. The old language is an obstacle, but it is still one version that has been loved and cherished for many centuries, and numerous commentaries and helps are tied to that tried and true old version.
Defending the Bible does not center around the defense of any particular version, but rather it is about recognizing the accuracy and authority of the Word of God as it was originally written and as it is conveyed through various translations.
An important thing about defending and teaching the Inspired Scripture, is that you shouldn't prove the Bible with science itself because you would be using science as the final and ultimate authority, and we know that the Bible is the ultimate authority. How do we use science to confirm the authority of Scripture, while avoiding the mistake of interpreting the Bible on the basis of fallible ideas of ever-changing "Science."
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While I call my ministry Defending Genesis, I don't really think in terms of defending the Bible or any particular book within it. I take the revealed Word of God as my starting point and then I demonstrate why it ought to be our ultimate authority. I'm not constructing an argument so much as presenting a case. At no point since I became convinced of its truth have I ever felt like I was on the defensive, as it were. I consider science [and archaeology,etc] corroborating evidence but my conviction that the Bible is the ultimate authority does not rise or fall on the ever-changing positions of science.

-Tony, http://DefGen.org 


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