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Where are you favorite creation oriented places to go? This a place to share and discover creation museums, tours and destinations that honor God's wonderful creation.

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What is a Creation Destination?

It can be a location that is dedicated to sharing the truth of God's creation, a place that offers a creation orientated tours of a secular location, an event that is hosted by a creation based oganization or even a book that may guide you through a self-tour of a secular location with a creation perpective.

How to add a new Creation Destination:

First - Please look through all of the discussions before adding a discussion of your own, to see if the destination you would like to share has already been added. If it already exists, then join in that discussion.

Second - If the destination you would like to share does not already exist then start a new discussion with the name of the destination and location as the title. Share any features of the destination, such as address, website, it's vision statement, etc... Then start the discussion with why you liked it or your review of it. If you have not been there you may ask others for their review, so you can see if you would like to visit. Be sure to add helpful tips for making the most out of the destination, so others can benefit from what you may have learned the hard way.

Third - Adding a review to an existing destination discussion. Only add a review if you have accualy been there. If critical of a destination, please offer constructive criticism and not just say it was bad. Please honor those that may have had a different opinion of it.

Fourth - Load up the car, try out new places and share them!

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So much geology here. So many illustrations of DRAGONS (Leviathan) every where, every where.And some excellent natural history museums with great displays of dinosaurs. One in 5hangH41 is 4 stories…Continue

Started by Jim Brenneman Nov 20, 2015.

Creation Experience Museum - Branson MO 1 Reply

My family was able to attend the grand opening of this new museum in Branson MO. Admission is free as it relies on donations, I donated my skills as a photographer and some of my fossils I have…Continue

Started by Kevin W Anderson. Last reply by Steven Posey Jun 1, 2014.

Heart of America Science Resource Center - Haviland KS

Has anyone been to this Creation Destination? Please add your review. Their web site is at their website - Heart of America Science Resource…Continue

Started by Kevin W Anderson May 30, 2014.

New Christian CREATION MUSEUM Moosbrunn 6 Replies

( opened April 2012 ): Schoenbrunn nearby Heidelberg / creation multimediashows, PPT, seminaries , exhibition with many BIONIC modells ,…Continue

Started by Kevin W Anderson. Last reply by Mathew Wirsich Oct 6, 2013.

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Comment by Mathew Wirsich on November 20, 2015 at 7:18am

Clint, you are warmly invited to visit my creation museum nearby heidelberg. hurry it visit it, because we are at the edge of a nuclear war and islamic war in germany. please pray for germany . we are also involved in a syriac bible meeting. please pray , that we can reach also syriac people for creation and the gospel. we have had a day with a syriac family at the creation museum. we had been talking about noahs ark ect. . much possibilities to share the good news. 

last month Helmut Welke from chicago came to us and made 2 presentations about DNA and creation at a church and a creation meeting. i translated him into german .

Comment by Clint Smith on November 19, 2015 at 10:51pm

Thanks Matthew! I shared your info with Steven Policastro, who adds the new locations to

Kevin, thanks for featuring the site. Just like the museums and tours, it's only useful if people find out about it. I'll have to check out the Creation Safaris next summer when I'm up near Missouri.

Comment by Kevin W Anderson on November 19, 2015 at 7:29pm

Thank you for posting! I am familiar with after having it featured on my FB page Creation Appreciation by one of my co-admins. My group is listed on it as Creation Science Association for Mid-America for its Creation Safaris in Kansas and Missouri.

Comment by Mathew Wirsich on November 19, 2015 at 5:30pm

dear clint, there is a second creation museum 15km distance from creation museum Moosbrunn . it is the "Werner Mueller creation museum in Aglasterhausen" . Werner has stone fossils . it is a small cabinet , but very nice tiny museum with a very originell owner with good presentations and a very beautiful christian bookshop at the same location .

Comment by Cheri A Fields on November 19, 2015 at 1:02pm

I am so grateful for how you all have helped us connect as creationists, Clint. Haven't had a chance to use Visit Creation yet, but that should be changing in a couple weeks!

Comment by Clint Smith on November 18, 2015 at 11:37pm

We actually built a website to help people find all the awesome creation destinations around the world. It's called
We have 80 locations listed so far, but if you know of one that isn't listed, please submit it on the site so we can get it listed! Also, if you have been to any of these locations, please leave a review so others will know what to expect.

Comment by Mathew Wirsich on August 28, 2012 at 3:06pm

We began to make CREATION excursions on Sundays ( after Sunday service ) for families and children. We had very good reply and much interest. Tours about great flood in river valley canyon of Neckar. Excursions about vulcanism and magnetism at the nearby vulcano . It was very exciting for the children to be in the chimney of a vulcano. There are also different plants and fauna . It was important to tell the families , that in the Bible the history is not millions of years, but 4450 years since the great flood and 5900 years since creation . All locations of the excursions you can reach in 20 minutes by car . ( The rest of the tour you must hike ! ). There are huge stones , rocks , boulders with fossil sand beach waves , drying ripps, footprints of dinos , ...I never could imagine before we began this ministry , that Germany is so rich in fossil history ! ..THERE IS ALSO A TOUR WITH ANT-LIONs , dragon flies, butterflies, .....Every Sunday we have visitors in our small creation museum. PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS MUSEUM .

Comment by Mathew Wirsich on June 3, 2012 at 3:57pm

Normal muesums in Germany to learn about creation with very special German fossil material : 1) Holzmaden Museum nearby Stuttgart

/ Schiefer ( slate ) / Fossils : fishes / ammonites / Archeopterix ( prehistoric dino bird )

2) Eichstätt Museum "Eichstätter Plattenkalke " Fishes / sea animals / Archeopterix 3) "Grube Messel" Darmstadt and Naturhistorisches Museum Darmstadt , nearby Heidelberg ( All kinds of Living fossils ) UNESCO Welterbe "Oel-Schiefer" ( oil slate ) All kinds of fossils : mikro cosmos : pollen, plants , beetles, insects, ( even the colours of these fossils are petrified / very much details !! )turles, crocodiles..... 4) Senkenberg Museum Frankfurt / dinos , tyceratops , Grube Messel living fossils 5) Neckarschleife Hirschhorn / Katzenbuckel Vulkan Odenwald / old vulcano / river canyon

 6)  New Christian CREATION MUSEUM Moosbrunn ( opening April 2012 ): Schoenbrunn nearby Heidelberg / creation multimediashows, PPT, seminaries , exhibition with many BIONIC modells , living bombardier beetles , excursions and beautiful landscape with old vulcano "Mt. cat back arch" , CREATION LAB workshops for schools and children , mobile exhibition , exhibition will be completed with fossil exhibition , We also speak English language and have English multimediashows . Please pray for our ministry . We now have a financial crisis.


Comment by Kevin W Anderson on June 2, 2012 at 6:31pm

Great photos too.


Comment by Kevin W Anderson on June 2, 2012 at 6:28pm

Matthias, Thank you for the notice about the "Lebendige Vorwelt." I am sorry to hear that it is no longer in operation. Could you add reviews of these destinations in sperate discussions with their web adresses and what they do to show God's creation and what their position is. I very glad to have some international input to this group. Maybe some day I'll make it to Germany!


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