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[animal violence warning] hypothesis how kill bear/dragon with low tech weapons, David vs. Lion?

Warning violent topic: On Daniel Boone tv show today an indigenous (native) American said he had killed a bear with a spear. I just found…

Started by TrustJesus

2 Aug 30, 2015
Reply by Jim Brenneman

New Dino Discovery

http://www.foxnews.com/science/2014/10/23/scientists-describe-newly-discovered-dinosaur-as-one-weirdest-pretty-goofy/ Very interesting morp…

Started by Lou Hamby

2 Nov 14, 2014
Reply by Gunnar Heiberg

Mammal tracks and dinosaurs together...

http://phys.org/news/2014-11-african-diamond-reveals-dinosaur-large.html#nRlv This consistent with mammals and dinos being contemporaries o…

Started by Lou Hamby

9 Nov 11, 2014
Reply by Lou Hamby

Article on DNA of Dinos saving humans from disease...

http://news92fm.com/453820/could-dinosaur-dna-help-cure-human-illnesses/ Thought you all might enjoy this.

Started by Lou Hamby

0 Jul 7, 2014

Pterosaurs in trouble?

What are your thoughts on the possibility or impossibility of  giant pterosaurs like the Quetzalcoatlus getting off the ground? You might l…

Started by Steven Posey

0 Dec 30, 2013

Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark

How many (do you think)? What might have been the requirements and or challenges associated with bringing the terrible lizards aboard?

Started by Steven Posey

13 Nov 13, 2013
Reply by Mathew Wirsich

Wailing Dragons

What sort of noise did the dinosaurs make?  Were they capable of vocalizations like geckos, birds, mammals and some amphibians?  Did they b…

Started by David Thomas Posey

9 Nov 1, 2013
Reply by Dr. Derek P. Blake

Animals eating meat

This post is an FYI or maybe you had problems with this. Animals and meat I was taught and it talks about in Genesis we humans were origi…

Started by TrustJesus

26 Oct 31, 2013
Reply by James (Jim) Brenneman

Land Dragons Today - etymology, dragon and lizard connections -- de-evolving

This thread is to document or list names of dragons that currently exist today.  I realize this might offend or disappoint some because of…

Started by TrustJesus

7 Jul 27, 2013
Reply by TrustJesus

"ICE AGE" creatures: Size, Time Period etc.

I think this fits in the Dinosaur group (although if someone wanted to start a "Megafauna Group" I'd be very happy) because there are alway…

Started by Steven Posey

14 Jun 19, 2013
Reply by James (Jim) Brenneman


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