[animal violence warning] hypothesis how kill bear/dragon with low tech weapons, David vs. Lion?

Warning violent topic:

On Daniel Boone tv show today an indigenous (native) American said he had killed a bear with a spear.

I just found out one spear is known as a bear spear, also

The giant dragons I often envision are of sci-fi movie legend/folklore, like godzilla.  A group of scared people running from a 20+ foot/building size, bullet proof marine iguana (godzilla is based on a marine iguana, they are native to the galapagos).  There are legends such as St. George fighting the dragon with a sword, and some African  tribesman killing a long neck dragon.  

I imagine you can fight off a dragon (which I believe is a large lizard) or lion, with a long spear or stick and maybe a sling or rock for long range.  In Psalms shepherds had a rod and staff.

Other pre-gun weapons include: mace, types of boomerang, arrows.crossbow/fire arrows.  They could have used more advanced technologies.  Methane from poop can be explosive: example a group of cows with gas and a lantern starting a fire.

Don't be cruel to animals. thanks.  Bears are endangered animals where I live.

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Early explorers arriving in Florida left descriptions with illustrations of how the inhabitants hunted alligators. They depicted sharpened stakes (really logs) being shoved in the alligator's mouth while the beast was surrounded and shot with arrows. The pictures make you feel sorry for the prey, but it makes sense when dealing with a predator to neutralize the jaws first.

Marco Polo described a Chinese method for disposing of a beast resembling an alligator, but he said it only had two legs (the front ones, as I recall). Basically they just buried stakes in a known trail and when the creature drug across them it stuck until the hunters came along to execute it.

Both these examples are low to the ground; if the prey was bipedal like a theropod, they would need to render it immobile like ostriches or rheas with bolas or something. Keep in mind that past cultures had different views on cruelty to animals than modern society. Xenophon in his book "The Sportsman", described common ways to hunt various game animals in ancient Greece. These methods included nets, spiked boards, snares, hunting with dogs and taking juvenile prey. They didn't mind " cheating" or maiming their quarry. I don't know how ancient cultures did away with dragons, dinosaurs, and other deadly predators, but I have a few ideas.

Neanderthals were able to stalk and kill at close range, they were smarter and sturdier and more skillful than other hunters who had to rely on lighter weapons and distance.


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