There has been so much discussion on the radiometric dating systems that I thought that we needed some new research on the subject.  C14 and Argon both have issues as we have discussed previously, However there are some tests that give us a much reduced age for the Earth.  We still are forced to make assumptions but no more than for other isotope measuring systems.  

Below are three links to papers concerning 'helium diffusion' which may be of interest to members, please read and make any comments you feel led to post.  I am very interested in the opinions of members.

At last it seems we have some real research which may challenge the evolutionary view of the age of the Earth, and it seems that it is upsetting the old Earth supporters.

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As in most things scintific, assumptions have been made, as the below post points out.

——. 2003b. Recently measured helium diffusion rate for zircon suggests inconsistency with U-Pb age for Fenton Hill granodiorite, Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 84(46), Fall Meeting Supplement, Abstract V32C-1047. Poster at .


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