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Free Webinar - The Mysteries of Yellowstone (A Creation Expedition) Jan 17, 2013 at 1PM EST

How do mysterious creatures discovered in Yellowstone Work for the FBI?  What strange force has "stolen" over 425 miles of mountain in Yellowstone?  What SUPER SECRET is Yellowstone hiding? Discover…Continue

Started by Kimberly Guthrie Jan 8, 2013.

Rushmore and the Black Hills.

At present as the write this my husband and I are vacationing in Keystone.  We took a ride aboard 1880 train and visited Mount Rushmore.  I snapped over 70 photos, mainly of the geology of the…Continue

Started by Rut Woods-Marks Sep 16, 2012.

DRAGONS 3 Replies

Where, or do "dragons" fit in to God's creation?Continue

Started by John W. Coons. Last reply by John W. Coons Aug 23, 2012.

Adventures and Discoveries at Mt. St. Helens 19 Replies

What kind of adventures or discoveries have you had at Mt. St. Helens?  Do you have any pictures of Mt. St. Helens that you would like to share?

Tags: Creation, Adventure, Helens, St., Mt.

Started by Kimberly Guthrie. Last reply by Mathew Wirsich Apr 1, 2012.

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Comment by Mathew Wirsich on March 31, 2012 at 10:26am

Hallo Kim, here are some more informations from the CREATION LAB and CMEDIENTEAM ministry. Thank you for praying !

Matthias + Renate pdf%2055%25%20English%20Version%2025MOOS%20KHN%20Shows%2030%2003%20...

Comment by Kimberly Guthrie on March 30, 2012 at 11:07pm

Hi Matthias!

Welcome to Exploring God's Creation!  Your research sounds fascinating!  I would love to see some pictures of the bombardier beetle.  Your Creation Lab sounds great!  I'd love to hear more about that too.  Praying for your ministry in Germany. Thanks for your comments.  Nice to meet you!

In Christ,


Comment by Mathew Wirsich on March 10, 2012 at 2:20pm

Pleistozean = DILUVIUM = DELUGE = The Great deluge = the great flood = the layers resulted by the great flood !

I was very astonished when I looked at a old map book of 1890 from germany and found a stoen formation called DELUVIUM !

In Wikipedia says , that the name deluvium has been changed into PLEISTOZÄN ! That means : In later 1900 the people don´t liked to think about the story of Graet flood of Bible. This is the reason why the name was been changed ! Yours Matthias from Germany 

( I am no Geologist , but mechanical technician. My favourite lesson in high school was physics  ) Email%20Ich%20mit%20Ararat%20Modell%20FERTIG%20SITZEND%20SEHR%20GUT...

Comment by Mathew Wirsich on March 9, 2012 at 5:48pm

Dear Kim,

I have made some bombardier beetle research in colaboration with the zoological institute and the German center of space propulsion . We made very exciting SEM pictures of chemistry factory of this beetle and some mathematic and chemistry calculation of temperature and pressure . Here in my location I can find some bombardier beetles. I also made some research of ant lions and UV lioght bulls eyes pattern of flowers. This experience was very exciting for me with a very expensive UV light lens from NIKON. Insects have different sensoring of light than humans do.

My small team makes CREATION LAB children camps  . It is very difficult to make this ministry in Germany. Thank you for praying. we want to build up a small CREATION Museum. Yours Matthias from Germany

Comment by Marvin Nutt on February 11, 2012 at 11:33am

I agree with you on carbon dating within limits, .i.e the world is less than 7,000 yrs. old biblically speaking, so if anything is dated older than that it's wrong. I enjoyed your comment on the impact of the magnetic field on carbon dating. I had not heard that. I had read in a physics text that carbon dating is not perfect because of the lack of equilibrium beween carbon isotopes

Comment by Steven Posey on February 10, 2012 at 9:14pm

This is fascinating Marvin! I only know enough about this stuff to be dangerous but I had some thoughts on the carbon dating. Personally, I think it's the most reliable dating method. However, the too-old dates rest on assumptions about the levels of carbon 14 (among other things). I think that the stronger the magnetic field the less carbon 14 is produced and I believe that the magnetic field has faded about 10% in the last 150 (or so) years. Also while the method relies on the levels of carbon 14 (and maybe 12 & 13, I'm not an expert) being basically the same as they are today, we aren't even sure that the levels have reached equalibrium yet. This would lead to artifacts seeming older because it would look like carbon 14 had had longer to decay instead of the fact that there was less of it to begin with. I'm sure you know a lot more about this so please tell me what you think and if I made any sense (or mistakes).  

Comment by Marvin Nutt on February 10, 2012 at 12:33pm






          I live in Memphis, Tennessee, and I have been studying Nonconnah Creek which flows through Memphis, for over twenty years. I have studied the plants, animals, birds, fossils, rocks, and minerals. Recently I have been blessed to find a mineral in the creek that has never been found in this area before. It was identified by Professor George Swihart of the University of Memphis as vivianite. With his guidance and support, we attended the 2009 Tennessee Academy of Science annual meeting in Nashville, and entered a poster presentation on the discovery of vivianite in Memphis which placed second in our category.

          Not long after finding vivianite, I located a site close to it that was full of Pleistocene plant fossils. Ron Brister, who was at that time a museum director at The Pink Palace, confirmed that the fossils that I found were identical to those found along with the remains of a mastodon during the 1980’s alongside Nonconnah Creek. Those fossils were analyzed and carbon-dated to be 7,000 to 23,000 years old.

          Since I believe that the book of Genesis is true in its presentation of the age of the earth, and considering that science has determined that the fossils that I found at Nonconnah Creek are over 7,000 years old, it would be reasonable to assume that the fossils were deposited at Nonconnah Creek shortly before, during, of shortly after the worldwide flood of Noah’s day as a result of events related to the flood.  

          Consider some of the evidence that might give credence to this idea:

  1. The age of the plant fossils may show a possible connection to the Genesis flood with the exception that they need to be re-dated to conform to biblical time, (i.e., the flood occurred less that 7,000 years ago, and the world is less than 7,000 years old.).
  2. The positioning of the plant fossils is very interesting in that they are found in the wall of the creek about a meter above the base when the creek is at its lowest normal water level. They appear to be packed into an area one to two meters in depth, and are covered by over ten feet of loess. The accumulated plant matter includes trees, leaves, nuts,
    acorns, and a host of other organic matter. One could get the idea that they were flattened by a catastrophic flood. A noticeable fact is that the Pleistocene fossils are on both sides of the creek at the same level. This proves the creek is younger than the fossils.
  3. Ron Brister, of the Pink Palace Museum, indicated that he believes this accumulation of organic matter in the walls of the creek, covered by loess, extends for several miles to the south.
  4. Other reports indicate the organic layer in the wall of the creek stretches for many miles in both directions along the creek, which is also evidence of a catastrophic flood.
  5. There is great deal of gravel that lies on the floor of the creek, and it contains many fossils preserved in chert dating to the Paleozioc Era. Among the fossils are corals, bryozoans, brachiopods, bivalves, trilobites, and crinoids. According to many scientists, these fossils are millions of years older than the organic matter in the walls of the creek. For those who accept the Genesis account of creation, there are two possibilities relative to the dating of these fossils: 1.The invertebrate fossils are older than the organic plant matter in the creek walls, and were brought to their present location in the creek from somewhere else; or, 2. They are younger than the organic matter and,  represent fauna that lived in the area which were covered up by flood sediment, fossilized shortly afterwards, and the fossils have been dated incorrectly by paleontologists. If they are older, and we believe in a young earth, they cannot be much older than the organic matter located in the cliff walls. If they are younger the same would be true.
  6. End-note:    One of the conclusions we reached on our study of Nonconnah is that the crystals of vivianite formed, not in over 10,000 years, but in less than a day. Our study has gotten into a tri-discipline called bio-geo-chemistry, due to our conclusion that the crystals were formed with the help of iron-reducing bacteria. At present our conclusion needs further research with input from someone knowledgeable of bio-chemistry and crystal formation. Pray that we are able to get some support to continue in our study.     
Comment by Kelli Becton on December 14, 2011 at 5:35pm

Just wanted to share my article series : 

"Exploring God's Creation"- http://www.adventurezinchildrearing.com/2011/10/31days-of-exploring...   Thanks Kim! Hope all is well- catch ya on twitter :)

Comment by Kimberly Guthrie on August 18, 2011 at 4:58pm

Hi Bob and Rut!  Welcome to "Exploring God's Creation!"  Glad to have you here!  I look forward to finding out more about your life adventures in God's Creation! (:


Kim Jones

Comment by Rut Woods-Marks on August 17, 2011 at 9:36am
I love the outdoors.  There lots of flood evidence out there.  One just has to look at all the bathtub rings on the mountains and hills.  Time to get out the cell phone and start taking pictures when I am out there.

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