My daughter would like to go to an online, computer or perhaps a Co-op type of learning. She is looking for MORE time pressure to motivate her, and would rather not have her mother grading her work!  Any suggestions?  For her,  Abeka history was too full of facts and Starting Points by David Quine was hard.  She liked quickly going through the Lawrence's science series after being turned off by Apologia Science given too soon.  Which programs are friendly to biblical creationists?

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I have a Creation Set that is audio only with handouts (Media Angels). I have currently taped Creation Science, Creation Astronomy and Creation Anatomy. Next I'll teach Creation Geology in the Fall. These are only 6-8 week classes unless you supplement and it sounds like she wants to do this on her own.

However if she is college bound the only curriculum that is geared for her age that I'd recommend is Apologia. That's all that is out there that is heavy on Creation. Have you tried the interactive classes out there from Red Wagon Tutorials. I hear he does a very good job. I know that Apologia has people teaching their curriculum as well.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Have you checked with currclick to see if there are programs or classes of interest to her? Just what came to mind besides or or not full programs not all biblical based.



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