I have 2 special needs boys that my wife and I homeschool. The eldest is intellectually disabled, has motor planning issues, was born at 24 weeks and, well, the list gets rather long and tedious. The youngest was adopted and while he had many challenges when he came to us, he no longer needs the wheelchair or feeding tube. He has FAS. Both boys get speech, PT, OT... the usual.


We've had many challenged finding teaching materials and methods that meet our children's needs, especially the eldest.


Does anyone else out there have special needs kids they homeschool? and what has worked for you?



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There is always SO MANY possibilities for PT, OT, etc  but you may want to check out BrainFitnessStrategies.com.  They have had good success with ADD/ADHD , cerebral palsy, stroke victims, and emotionally disturbed kids.  Also autism spectrum.  They are starting an on-line program after working with a child in Malta.  They are addressing problems at a very basic level, even using movements which are done by a preborn baby.

Sorry I didn't see until today! I hosted a special needs expo in 2011 that was informative. My oldest has a form of Down's Syndrome and I homeschooled him K-12 he is high functioning however. My friend Tara Jenner would be a very good contact, she has the Brain Trainers http://www.TheBrainTrainers.net.

You can friend me as well as email me if you'd like more info.

I am already outside of the box in my thinking...we have one special needs child, but I am not very traditional.  Frankly, neither is my son.  He has a genetic syndrome with autism and speech issues.  He actually is quite smart, but he can't just sit down and perform on paper and pencil.  After bells and whistles computer programs, I finally settled on working out of some of the Pathways books from Rod and Staff.  They are simple and to the point, and my son seems to get that. 

I think that the point is that you have to match your child's learning needs with a curriculum or process.  Does your child like to act out things they learn, use the computer, watch videos, or discover through observation?  My son is quite meticulous about pen and paper; he is just fine with black and white pictures in a workbook while snuggled with me.  He has learned more this way than any other way. 

Hope that helps. Blessings~ Kim


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