This has puzzled me lately, so I wondered if some of you experts could chip in and illuminate these topics? When considering prisms and light refraction in general I was thinking about the reasons why rainbows did not occur before the world wide flood event. I assume , at least, that God would not use the rainbow as a sign of His covenant to never destroy the earth by a watery flood again if they had been in place before the flood. I see three options: #1, there was no rain as we know it before the flood and no massive waterfalls and the mist that watered the ground early in Genesis was not capable of producing a rainbow effect (since I'm not a scientist I will use this simple term). #2, there was a firmament or canopy, if you will, that blocked some of the UV rays or maybe diffused the light some unique way, preventing the rainbow effect. #3, perhaps God simply invented or created the rainbow effect right after the flood. Of course, I assume that refracted light was part of the creation of the rainbow but maybe this is not true. What do you all think? Do you see more options?

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One of the basic principles here is how matter would react when created into a realm where there was neither space (dimension) or time.  Of course we cannot test this as we can never recreate the condition where neither space or time exists.  However the nearest we can get to understanding this is to hypothesise how antimatter would act in our positive world, but invert the result.  I believe that the act of creating matter into a true void would cause the reaction that the matter would instantly expand, attempting to fill all available room, and that room is infinite because there is no dimension.  That very action would release enormous amounts of energy (just as antimatter is thought to do) and energy means incredible heat, hence the CMB.

Red-shift observations show that in general the universe continues to expand as the majority of solar bodied and galaxies are in the red side of the spectrum.  There are exceptions to this, and this is to be expected as we need to factor in the gravitational effect between bodies.  A classic example is the collision courses of the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies.  

As to predictions, we have no idea how this relationship works in any practical sense, all we have is what we can observe and the application of known physics.  We really know so little about our universe, that's why we get so excited by the smallest event.  To my mind the Big Bang (or really the Big Expansion) is little different other than the time-scales and of course the explanation how matter popped into existence, we have God, secular science discounts God.  There are ultimately two options, I believe that the universe continues to expand but 1) if it runs out of energy it may start to contract, or 2) the very presence of matter interacting with the perfect void at the edge of the universe may generate infinite energy.  It is thought that there is a finite quantity of energy in the universe and we cannot destroy it or generate more, so option one may be the one to watch.

PhiloNibbler said:

Dr Blake thanks for your response. No worries about "teaching "granny" lol. I'm a computer science major, but have always been fascinated by physics, but I consider myself a layman in general in this topic.

Let me summarize your idea to ensure I understand correctly. Basically, your hypothesizing that at some point in the past, space itself expanded dramatically sort of like the same way warp drive works in star trek. If my understanding is correct, then my follow up questions are twofold. First, how does this idea account for the Cosmic Microwave Background we observe? Finally, what predictions can be made; how does this account for what we observe today better than the big bang-inflation model?

Dr. Blake, thanks for your interesting thoughts. Always something new to learn everyday.

Blessings :)


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