Next Generation National Science Standards


Next Generation National Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards are set to be released next spring. It is supposed to enhance the Common Core concepts that a group of State governors  established so that all students would have a common core of knowledge as they entered college. It sounds to me like some part of this is likely to be a required curriculum for all students. It could easily be a requirement for homeschoolers also.  The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are putting increased emphasis on Earth and Space sciences. The story of the millions of years of the earth's history is one of the themes.  The sphere of human impact on the Earth--known as anthroposphere--is another main emphasis. Climate change and human sustainability are two other main areas of emphasis in the category of Earth and Space Science. Traditional physics chemistry, and biology are reduced to make room for Earth and space science and to integrate traditional sciences with earth & space. I'd like to hear some comments about some of the goals of NGSS. Here's one comment about the motivation for the new emphasis on Earth & Space Science: "Our [human] activities are changing the composition of the atmosphere,hydrosphere, biosphere, and cryosphere and altering land surfaces faster than any other natural process. In fact, the sphere of human impact on Earth systems--the anthroposphere--is now the greatest agent of geologic change on our planet's surface, and this needs to be reflected in our curricula."   

NGSS is not an insignificant recommendation. It will have a huge impact on what most students in the US will be taught for many years. 

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Comment by Carolyn Reeves on April 29, 2013 at 4:51pm

Did you notice that NGSS now has 4 main core principles to be taught from K-12. Fifty % of the curriculum is about the controversial topics of evolution and how man made activities are changing the earth. What about the reduced time left for inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy & physiology, plants, animals, microbiology, forces and motion, all the kinds of energy, astronomy, weather, erosion, and the hundreds of other topics traditionally taught in science? What about the plan to reduce course in advanced chemistry, physics, and biology and merge them with earth and space science courses? How is this making our students more scientifically literate? Are our leaders really thinking this thing through?

Comment by Joy Ellis on April 20, 2013 at 11:55am

Like Dr. Blake mentioned about the UK schools, I do see that happening here in the US.  I do fear that the government is trying their best to tell the schools what they should and should not teach, including teaching that evolution is fact.  A lot of schools now won't teach creation.  It truly is sad. 

Comment by Carolyn Reeves on April 8, 2013 at 3:29pm

I'm cutting and pasting these comments made by Dr. Derek Blake about the schools in the UK. This is what I fear could happen if the US adopts a rigid set of  national curriculum standards. Reply by Dr. Derek P. Blake 2 hours ago

Well I am familiar with the UK educational system, and the UK have a 'National Curriculum', which is set by the Ministry of Education, under a cabinet minister, but as usual the real power behind the throne is the army of civil servants.  In the UK they have banned all mention of a created universe in schools and have decreed that all schools teach evolution as fact, even Church based schools, who have been threatened with having their funding withdrawn.  A few years the president of the Royal Society was forced to resign for suggesting that students should be allowed to 'discuss' creation versus evolution in schools and colleges.  As you can tell the UK is very draconian in this matter, almost no one home-schools as parents have to be vetted and hold qualifications to do so.

Carolyn Reeves said:


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