How did you first learn about presuppositional apologetics?  

I first learned about it in college when a friend loaned me a tape set by Greg Bahnsen.  I was blown away!  To learn about how if you don't believe in God or the Bible, you can't prove anything was an amazing revelation.   

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I first learned about presuppositional apologetics through AiG, about 4 years ago.  This led me to Bahnsen's Always Ready, then to Van Til, Gordon Clark, John Frame, and several others.  Then, Ultimate Proof, after it came out.


I'm wondering if Jason Lisle is a Calvinist because presuppositional apologetics seems to come out of that circle.


I'm not sure what Dr. Lisle's background is.  Yes, presuppositionalism primarily came out of a Calvinist/Presbyterian framework, and most presuppositional apologists still lean that way, but more and more of us Arminian-leaning types are catching on.  The presuppositional approach is certainly not contingent on Calvinism.


I found a bargain on "Always Ready" by Greg Bahsen.  I bought it and read it and have been interested in the presuppositional approach ever since.

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