Scientific Evidence for a Universal Flood


Scientific Evidence for a Universal Flood

I am setting this group up in order to collect member's thoughts and opinions, and maybe, even new evidence, about the flood. Why set up a group, that is simple, because there are so many issues and conflicting beliefs within the Christian community. We have two books that we need to read, firstly we have the Bible, not just Genesis but many other books of the Bible that refer to the flood; the Bible must be, and should be, our first and foremost authority on any subject concerning our faith. The Bible is, and is about, truth. However, we have a second book to which we must refer, this is the book of nature, the physical evidence that is all around us. Ultimately both books must synchronise and justify each other, science and the Bible will one day converge. However both books are subject to interpretation. In the case of the Bible, the interpretations of those that have gone before us and translated the word of God in the light of their particular culture. Certain interpretations have gained mass support and have been accepted as the truth, but it seems 'truth' changes with the beliefs, evidence and the pressure of 'the world'.

As a result, those who believe in a universal flood, as I do, are hopelessly divided and confused in the detail, and, as they say, the devil is in the detail. So it is here, in the detail, that we who believe are attacked. As Christians we are seekers of truth, so we must seek the scientific truth, the way things are, not the way we would wish them to be. When I was a child I believed in fairy tails, but when I became a man I put away childish stories and looked for the truth; and the truth is, there are many issues and discrepancies in what Christians believe within the truth of the universal flood.

If we do not acknowledge the issues, and investigate them, and attempt to falsify them, we cannot hope to defend what we believe to be true. Our creationist stance must be an holistic one, we cannot pick and mix, or cherry pick, like the evolutionist does. The atheist starts with nothing and looks for answers, we start with the truth and look for vindication and supporting evidence, for that truth. If we cannot display a consistent position, shed all the pseudo-science and fairy-stories and be able to explain those issues that science fails to answer, we will never be taken seriously, and a universal flood will continue to be a subject of scorn.

Can I suggest that this group becomes an investigation into the flood issues, and we seek, not to score goals against those with a different opinion, but to seek the truth. It would be good if the main page of the group be left for our spiritual beliefs.

There is also no place for rigidity, we must be prepared to have our views changed according to the evidence. Everyone's point of view is valid, or it would not be their point of view, we, none of us, has a monopoly on the truth, and anything we post is merely a hypothesis.


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Comment by Ronald Stewart on May 7, 2015 at 8:52pm

Find Noah's Ark upon a mountain-(even Ararat) and it will have to be explained how did a boat get up there between the 13,000-14,500 foot elevation level. That is all the evidence you'd need.

Comment by Lou Hamby on May 4, 2015 at 5:00pm

Dr. Blake said:

I feel that we must be so careful using supposed facts that we cannot substantiate, creationists can be just as inventive as our evolutionist friends when it comes to evidence.  Such stories can do more damage to the cause than saying 'I don't know'.

A big issue is not having an open scrutiny of published materials?  Authors feel no responsibility to answer questions that challenge their views?  We have old books and teachings that are still being used that probably need up dating? Some of  the hermeneutics and narratives used to support YE don't have Biblical grounds but are expolations by authors to support certain presupposition. 

Comment by Ronald Stewart on May 4, 2015 at 3:55pm

Hello Dr. Blake,

Yes you're right we need to be careful. My previous statement included a newspaper article in this (more or less) as I previously stated  in this regard. As you also stated "if" there had been other types of articles stating thing (allegedly) about Darwin, that may had been unfounded, than I certainly agree with you. However, it also depends on the context of the article and how it presented. If these were other early geologists and naturalists of that day that where one or more made such comments, it would seem that the more persons that would be involved in the article, and they were all part of what was published at that time, and there were no "retractions" of the article, than maybe it could (allegedly) carry more (possible) weight and be more credible than if just the statement of one scientist of Darwin's day. I'll look back though my records and will try to locate that article for you since you seem to have interest in it. I'll look and will be back in touch.


R. Stewart

Comment by Dr. Derek P. Blake on May 4, 2015 at 2:27pm

One hears so many of these stories about Darwin; how he rejected his own theories on his death-bed, or had a change of heart because there was no other explanation other than God for some discovery or the other.  Mot of these prove to be unfounded, even reports in some newspapers of the time.  Some time ago I watched a TV interview with his granddaughter, she categorically denied this was true and she stated that she had spoken to a lady who had known Darwin and was there when he died.  This woman was adamant that Darwin had had no change of heart, but still had faith in God.

I feel that we must be so careful using supposed facts that we cannot substantiate, creationists can be just as inventive as our evolutionist friends when it comes to evidence.  Such stories can do more damage to the cause than saying 'I don't know'.  However if you have concrete evidence of this mountain incident, I would love to see it, or a link.  One of my own experiences was finding a fossil in water-laid sedimentary rock close to the top of Mount Snowdon in Wales.  Although evolution has an answer in the form of plate tectonics, it did start me thinking during my time of transition.

Comment by Ronald Stewart on May 4, 2015 at 11:10am

I've allot of new (18th-20th century lost newspaper and other articles about the flood and fossils. One of them states/ means in so many words: "that Darwin climbed atop of a large mountain and when seeing that it had marine fossils on top of it he stated: "That the fossils must be there because of a 'higher power' did not know how to explain it admitted maybe from God".

Point is: "Someday we all die, some of us may be on our deathbed. If this happens to an evolutionist, it makes you wonder will they all of a sudden believe in a God" some of the most outspoken evolutionists in darwins day finally did". Ever meet an evolutionist who's willing to die for what they believe in unlike many faithful men and women of God have over time".

Comment by Dr. Derek P. Blake on August 13, 2014 at 9:46am
Carolyn, my approach would be to make a list of the facts that the Bible gives us and use this as a SIS (Set In Stone) framework to work around, rather like the one I did as an alternative outline screen-play.   You can find this list at:

Comment by Carolyn Reeves on August 13, 2014 at 9:16am

I'm trying to find a logical timeline of world history that fits with the Bible account. The break up of the foundations of the deep and a 40 day rain are recorded in the Bible as what happened when the Flood began. I have been purposefully been looking for possible explanations for these events. Henry Morris, Michael Oard, and others have written about this. I was hoping some of the members of this group would share things they have found.   

Comment by Lou Hamby on August 12, 2014 at 2:32pm

Francis I asked the question about Everest because there is no doubt that  the floor of the ocean at one time was actually the top of Everest, the question I asked is not a challenged to a wwFlood Francis, as you may think, I just asked a question.  First of all it  or some of it is in yellow strand sedimentary rock, this is at the or below the top of Everest. Also there are fossils that found in igneous layers of rock on the same mountain? YOur assumption about my view is short sighted and makes some assumptions about the Bible.  Since sedimentary strata was considered laid down by the flood, Is it your opinion that these layers and the Beginnings of Everest started at the flood?  I assume that the land under the waters when the earth was void and without purpose had sedimentary layers under it?  So I asked the question.  You have rightly stated the Biblical narrative.  It is a fact there are thousands and thousands of Christians that do not believe in a wwFlood, my statement is not challenging either view.  Since you make an excellent point here and I don't actually have any answer except to observe what we know?  We have the largest mountain on earth, all others pale in size.  We have sediment layers and igneous rock on that mountain, fossils are found in both.  Are these pre-flood or flood fossils?  We have land under water in the beginning, my assumption is that land was strata and was part and parcel to Gods creative acts in the beginning?  Tis is all I know, and my asking the question was not an "agenda", nor was it impertinent to ask such a question?  Thanks for pointing out what the Scripture narrative does say.

You said:

It is futile to try and second-guess God or constrain His creative acts to suit our thinking.

The question does not fit with you inference. Cheers brother!!!

Comment by Francis M Russell on August 12, 2014 at 1:45pm

Hi Carolyn.  Your draft paragraph is interesting. Where did you get that information?

Comment by Francis M Russell on August 12, 2014 at 1:38pm

Lou, in your June 24 comment you wonder if marine fossils - presumably those found near the tops of mountains - may have been present at the time the land came out of the waters on Creation Day 3. 

The plain narrative of Genesis 1 states that marine creatures (together with the birds) were created on Creation Day 5. Vs 21 is emphatic that "... every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded,...." was created on Day 5. Indeed, ALL living creatures and entities of the earth were created either on Day 5 or Day 6. 

It is important to read the scriptures and allow these scriptures to inform us of what God did. It is futile to try and second-guess God or constrain His creative acts to suit our thinking. If you need an explanation of how marine creatures became fossilized on top of a mountain then look no further than the GLOBAL Flood of Noah's time. Read Gen 7 and 8. The answers to your questions can be found therein. God Bless


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