2 Esdras 8:2 "Ask the Earth and it will tell you that it provides a large amount of clay from which earthenware is made, but only a little dust from which gold comes," This is the way the world was made and so also the way that humankind will go that many would be created, but only a few will enter the gates of Heaven. Try to be one of those few!!!

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Okay, I'm a little confused about the book you're talking about. Is it one of the books of the Apocrapha?
Yea, its in the Apocrypha.
Does the book go into things like what angels are, where they live, what they do, and why God created them in the first place?
No, that sounds like the Book of Enoch. This is called Esdras, which is actually a book based on multiple meetings that the prophet Ezra had with Uriel the angel. It is a fascinating book to read, look up the Apocrypha and you will find it. The second book though deals with the meeting between Uriel and Ezra not the first so you have to read 2 Esdras.
What weight do you put behind the Apocrypha?
Interesting Question. Personally, I would not weigh the Apocrypha as having the same exact credibility as original Biblical Text. Their is definitely not enough "back up" per say with any of the "Lost Books", "Apocrypha" or even the "Book of Enoch" to even come close to the same type of credidation you can find for Biblical Text. Nevertheless it is very interesting to study these books that in no way shape or form discredit the Holiness and Oneness of God and bring about new and exciting ideas that may have never been thought about before. This forum was just to discuss the nuances of Esdras and what Uriel and Ezra discuss between themselves, I am by no means attempting a radical revolution based upon Apocryphal teachings. Its just nice to discuss.
I see. I've never read the books and so I guess I won't be much of a conversationalist on here. I had just wondered if there was any additional angelology discussed in the book that wasn't discussed elsewhere in the Bible. Angelology is really very sketchy in the Bible and so it is hard to fit Angels in philosophically. I just don't understand them or why God would have created them. It seems that any purpose they serve to man can just as easily be served by God himself who is omnipresent and all powerful.
True, but God created everything for a purpose in order to fulfill some sort of will He has for it. Same with Angels, He created them for their own purpose just like us or animals or anything else. We all have our own personal responsibilities to God. How boring would be for God to just never have anything done for him and just continue to speak everything into exisistence. I imagine he has given us all jobs, every part of creation, because he enjoys sitting back and watching us do his will if we choose to do so. But yes your right, you will not find Angels that much in the Bible, but the stories are there. There just seems to be many more stories about Angels in every piece of writing that was not included in the Bible. For instance, the Book of Enoch is the plethora of knowledge in Angeology. Then you have some of the books in the Apocrypha such as Esdras or Tobit which involves Raphael. Then their are the lost books which deal alot with the Watchers and the time period of Adam to Noah. Its out there if you are really intrigued by the subject, theirs plenty of literature! Good discussing these things with you!


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