Mary White's Groups (7)

  • Creationism and Agriculture

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 25

    Few areas of science so clearly show evidence of God's providential hand as agriculture.  From the enormous potential created within food crops,…

  • Young Earth Creationists

    269 members Latest Activity: Oct 24 people who don't use the millions & millions of years talk

  • Scientific Evidence for a Universal Flood

    28 members Latest Activity: Jul 16

    I am setting this group up in order to collect member's thoughts and opinions, and maybe,…


    87 members Latest Activity: Jul 13

    A group for dinosaurs, if there are any around, but mostly for those of us who never get tired of hearing and talking about them.

  • Biblical Archaeology Watch

    74 members Latest Activity: Jun 24, 2014 For those who find valid, archaeological news information underscoring the biblical timeline of 1446 BC Exodus and the birth of Christ and anything…

  • Geology Talk

    38 members Latest Activity: Jul 13

    Biblical Geology Group.


  • Just for Homeschoolers!

    164 members Latest Activity: Jul 13 If you're a creation-minded homeschooler, then this is the group for you! It doesn't matter which teaching style, educational philosophy, or…

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