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Welcome to Creation News! You can view the most recent news by visiting our sister site at, On this page, you will be able to find updates concerning creation ministri… View »

Ask The Expert

Here you can find "Ask The Expert" which includes a monthly expert here on Creation Conversations, as well as "Ask The Expert Live!" which are weekly live webinar series* with our experts! We lo… View »

Creation Live Q&A 9 Comments

Welcome to Creation Live Q&A! Here you can send in your questions by commenting below, our moderators will go through your submissions and ensure it gets to the right professional to be answered.… View »

Ask The Expert - Brain Young on Starting a Creation Ministry 48 Comments

Brian Young, an internationally known speaker and author, was a teacher and principal for ten years before becoming director of Creation Instruction Association. He has now been speaking on the topic… View »

Archived - Ask the Expert: David McQueen

David R. McQueen was trained in mineralogy at the University of Tennessee (BA in geology) and at the University of Michigan (MS in geology). McQueen taught college geology at George Mason University… View »

Archived - Ask the Expert: Danny Faulkner

For over 25 years Dr. Faulkner was on the faculty of the University of South Carolina Lancaster, where he taught physics and astronomy. He was Chair of its Division of Math, Science, Nursing, and Pu… View »

Archived - Ask the Expert: Jerry Bergman

Dr. Jerry Bergman has taught biology, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, anthropology, geology, and microbiology at Northwest State College in Archbold, OH for almost 20 years. He is a graduate of t… View »

Archived - Ask the Expert: Jay Seegert

Jay Seegert is the co-founder and executive director of the Creation Education Center ( He holds degrees in physics and engineering and has been lecturing on creation/evolution &&am… View »

Archived - Ask the Expert: Bodie Hodge

Bodie Hodge attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and received a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering. His specialty was a subset of mechanical engineering based in advanced materia… View »

Archived - Ask the Expert: Dr. Carl Werner

Dr. Carl Werner received his undergraduate degree in biology, with distinction, at the University of Missouri, graduating summa c** laude. He received his doctoral degree in medicine at the age of 2… View »


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