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There Went Up A Mist From The Earth...
3 Replies

I'm sure there's already been plenty of discussion about whether there was rain before the Flood.  Some people think Genesis 2:5-6 rules out the possibility of rain before the Flood; others don't…Continue

Tags: that, was, world, the, mist

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dr. Derek P. Blake May 18, 2014.

Avians on the Ark.
9 Replies

Answers Research Journal recently released a new article by Dr. Jean Lightner: …Continue

Tags: kinds, baraminology, taxonomy, Birds, Ark

Started this discussion. Last reply by Robert Byers Dec 16, 2013.

New Article on Amphibian Kinds
20 Replies

I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention a new article from Answers Research Journal.  This is the third article I am aware of that attempts a scientific estimate of the number of animal…Continue

Tags: ark, ARJ, flood, baraminology, frogs

Started this discussion. Last reply by Robert Byers Oct 10, 2013.

Fifteen Cubits Upward
23 Replies

The other day I got to thinking about this passage:"And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth.  And the waters…Continue

Tags: mountains, trees, flood, cubits

Started this discussion. Last reply by Lou Hamby Feb 23, 2013.


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Rebecca replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Stewardship and Sustainable Agriculture' in the group Creationism and Agriculture
"Much GM has added genes meant to poison bugs. We know it can poison animals. Why not people also? Eating GM foods may provoke sensitivity to others. We know it can in animals. Can human symptoms are caused by eating animals that ate GM corn?…"
Oct 25, 2016
Rebecca joined David Thomas Posey's group

Creationism and Agriculture

Few areas of science so clearly show evidence of God's providential hand as agriculture.  From the enormous potential created within food crops, to the abundant evidence of adaptive variation demonstrated by pests, the fields provide plentiful opportunity for us to study God's creation.Sadly but predictably, Agricultural science is the target of many evolutionist attacks.  Literature, education, and even advertisements tout "evolution in action" and glorify "mother nature" or humanistic…See More
Oct 24, 2016
David Thomas Posey added a discussion to the group Creationism and Agriculture

Adam's Agriculture

Do you ever pause when reading about Adam eating bread by the sweat of his brow and wonder what kind of cereal crops that bread was made of? When Cain brought of the fruit of the ground, what fruit did he bring?Many of the crops we raise can be found in some form or other growing wild, but others (maize being the most obvious) don't exist without human intervention. Is it possible that Adam ate corn on the cob, or did later folks really modify teosinte as we're always told?This could probably…See More
Mar 24, 2016
David Thomas Posey and Gary Murray are now friends
Mar 24, 2016
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"The author of Psalm 104 is clearly therewith observing the natural world as it stands. But the everyday fact is this: such observation can be made in a sequence approximating that of the Creation Week regardless of whether the person’s point…"
Dec 17, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
Dec 16, 2015
Jim Brenneman replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"The existence of rivers (Gen. 2) suggests, and requires some sort of higher elevations of land from which the rivers flow downward to the sea. The account of the Flood reports that the "Mountains" and the "High Mountains" were…"
Dec 16, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"Dave Barker just told me that he stands by his thesis on Psalm 104:7-8. His thesis is that of may of us here, though I had not been sure of it myself. And, if I were to think merely in terms of some standard Hebrew on those two…"
Dec 15, 2015
Jim Brenneman replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"AH! I see now, Daniel was being quite obviously sarcastic!  Reply by Jim Brenneman 17 hours agoDelete SO - Daniel has wisely shown us that it is in fact highly likely - or at least very possible - that some KNOWN person of the Bible…"
Dec 15, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"------A Jest in Point------ A ‘case in point’ is something that makes the point the author of the point wants to make. It is an example that ‘walks and talks' the point that the author wants to clarify or communicate. But it…"
Dec 15, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"Oh, I am very, very sorry for this. :(   I was sure my sarcasm in that latter post was immediately and over-abundantly obvious. Ok, I hope I have thoroughly learned my lesson this time. I've not done this often, but I am…"
Dec 15, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"Noah never sang praise to God for anything. Noah was utterly amusical, and besides, he was dumb of vocal ability, In fact, he never communicated anything to anyone. The Bible does not say he ever spoke or sang, nor does the Bible imply that he ever…"
Dec 15, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"Part of the point here is that the modern paraphrased, or summarized, expression of what the modern reader most naturally supposes is the essence of Psalm 104 is not automatically accurate. But the other part is that, if the author intended some…"
Dec 14, 2015
Daniel Pech replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Psalm 104'
"That the text of Psalm 104 exists at all it, this in a collection assembled by ancient pious Jews, and this right after that of Psalm 103, is some cause for wonder. Seeing it as an apologetics psalm is not without merit, for even everything in…"
Dec 13, 2015
Jim Brenneman replied to David Thomas Posey's discussion 'Neanderthals in hot water' in the group Christian Anthropologists
"That they even had a house is amazing.They also used to build dwelling out of the remains of mammoths - using their bones and tusks as part of the framework over which they stretched hides to make a quick shelter when they were hunting in the…"
Oct 6, 2015
Jim Brenneman joined David Thomas Posey's group

Christian Anthropologists

Here is a group for anyone interested in anthropology and its near kin.  Professional, amateur, everyone is welcome with only one prerequisite: Biblical Christianity.See More
Oct 6, 2015

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David Thomas Posey's Blog

Extremely Interesting: My review of Buddy Davis' newest DVD

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 8:37pm 0 Comments

I'm sure most of y'all have at least heard of Buddy Davis (dinosaur sculptor, singer, songwriter, etc.); hopefully you have also seen the first two installments of his Amazing Adventures series, I Dig Dinosaurs and Swamp Man.  Recently we procured a copy of the latest installment, Extreme Caving.  Now, as good as the first two episodes were, I wasn't sure whether the third could maintain that level of greatness.  After seeing it, I have to think this is the best one…


The Earthquake During the Crucifixion

Posted on May 27, 2012 at 3:58pm 0 Comments

Geologists studying in Israel say they have found evidence of the earthquake mentioned in the Gospel account of the crucifixion.…


Darwin Day?

Posted on February 5, 2012 at 1:34pm 3 Comments

Next Sunday, February 12th, is international Darwin Day.  Websites and museums are excited about this time to celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday, his life, his work, his ideas.  Events are being planned, such as screenings of shows like "Where Did We Come From", special exhibits designed to show children how bird beaks adapt and prove evolution, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  Can there be a more fun time for humanists?

Strangely, humanists don't get this excited about the Lord's…


Musings on the Mounds

Posted on December 11, 2011 at 6:09pm 2 Comments

I was recently in west Tennessee for a funeral, and while there we visited the Pinson Mounds State Archeological Area, near Jackson.  These "Indian mounds" were constructed by the people archeologists refer to as the Hopewell culture around two thousand years ago.  One mound is 72 feet tall, the second highest in the U.S. 

Among all the interesting thoughts I had, three stood out.

First, the mysterious mound group is one of the many examples of tall structures built by the…


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At 1:42pm on February 24, 2015, Troy Lacey said…

Thank you David, I appreciate your kind words regarding my recent "stewardship" article.

Troy Lacey

At 7:30pm on November 15, 2012, Brian Forbes said…

"Just curious-why Hercules?"
From Noah to Hercules? More for poetic reasons than anything else.  It was fairly arbitrary.  I liked how it bridged the gap between the Jewish and the Roman.  I liked how it connected the lineage of the first man on earth to the hero that was, by nearly every account, a man on the earth.  I suppose I could have done From Noah to Zeus, or From Noah to You, but those didn't feel right.  The real reason, though, is that I like my icon.  Now that I think of it, maybe that's what you're asking about.  If you are, my icon is for my book.

At 8:43pm on August 23, 2012, Harrison J. Elkins said…

Thanks for the welcome! God Bless

At 10:15pm on June 25, 2012, Tim Chaffey said…

David, thanks for the kind words about my article on the Mermaids mockumentary. It was fun working on it, but sort of painful to watch the whole program.

At 1:15pm on February 24, 2012, Johnny Wirkkala said…

Thank you. I was asking Answers in Genesis if they were ever going to make a forum, and they said "No", but they referred me here. I'm already enjoying the conversations here. I like that most of the members here are Creationists. I've seen a couple of Evolutionary posts, but not near as many as other sites. On Christianforums.com, it seems like Christians are the minority sometimes. How weird! Anyway thanks for the welcome.

At 7:03pm on February 21, 2012, Darlene & Larry Klosterman said…

http://herijax.com/ Jacksonville Florida's premier home education organization. Our family were members for 8 years. Our daughter is a HERI graduate. They offer a used book sale, curriculum convention, testing, parent classes, work shops, art, field trips, SAT, and much more. Excellant!  Darlene and Larry Klosterman, First Coast Creation Society, Jacksonville, Fl. 

At 7:07am on February 20, 2012, Norman Walanda said…

Thank you for your warm greetings Mr. David. May God bless you too.

At 8:02pm on January 20, 2012, Fabio Duarte de Melo said…

thank you!!

At 4:55pm on January 17, 2012, Tim Chaffey said…

Hi David,

Thanks for clarifying. There are several commentators who share your thoughts on the subject. I believe they are mistaken, and I dealt with it at length in my thesis. It's true that the spies are not the most credible witnesses, but remember that Joshua and Caleb were with them, and they never disputed seeing the Nephilim. In fact, the narrative reporting of their journey earlier in the chapter tells us that they saw the sons of Anak (Ahiman, Talmai, Sheshai) in Kirjath Arba. Then we are told in a parenthetical statement in Num. 13:33 (likely an insertion by the author or later editor (Joshua?)) that the Anakim are of the Nephilim. If Nephilim means "giants," which is very likely, then there is no problem with calling the Anakim "Nephilim," since they were giants as well. The fallen angel position also provides a good explanation as to how there were Nephilim living in the promised land after the Flood, but the Sethite and Royalty positions cannot answer this (other than to say that the spies were mistaken or lied). Finally, the word used for the spies "evil" report does not imply false content, but grave intentions. It's the same word used to describe Joseph's report to Jacob about his brothers. Anyway, I start rambling on this subject and end up saying more than I intend to, so I'll leave it at that for now. Thanks for adding to the conversation. God bless!

At 9:11am on January 17, 2012, Tim Chaffey said…

Thanks David. While I am quite convinced of the position I hold, I think it's important for people to keep this issue in perspective. Too often people get worked up, either in defense of their own position or in attacking another position. My chief concern on the issue is that we remain faithful to the text and form our thinking about this subject from the text rather than imposing our theology on the text - the same is true for all passages. Since the article did not favor one position over another, was there something in there that you think is inaccurate?


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