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At 10:31am on August 9, 2012, Steven Posey said…

Hi Mr. Chaffey, glad you're getting cranked up on here again: your thoughts are interesting and laced with good humor.

At 10:32am on June 28, 2012, David Thomas Posey said…

I can imagine that it was rather hard to watch, but I'm glad you did and wrote a good article about it.

At 6:52pm on June 23, 2012, David Thomas Posey said…

Great article about the "Mermaids" mockumentary! 

At 2:28pm on February 5, 2012, Azad Kastanian said…

hi tim its azad again ! i just wanted to say that i bought the book that you recommded to me about the case for the resurrection by gaby habermas. I dont know if uve read it and what insights can you give me from the book and i hope it helps and stregthens my faith .


At 8:50am on February 2, 2012, Azad Kastanian said…

Actually Tim I have no problems with the nation of Israel and i 100 percent agree with what the Bible says that whoever curses Israel will be cursed and whoever blesses it will be blessed. Thanks for your deep understadning of my problem and helping me deal with the issues that im going through. I understand that all the existence of Israel is a big proof to the fulfillment of the prophecies. However , my only big problem again is to have the full confidence in the account of the resurrection . Once that is solved everything else will fall in line  , and since i was a born again beleiever all my life i would gladly return back to my faith. Thats exactly the situation that im going through that u described when the man who had his son possesed came to JEsus and said : Lord I believe , forgive me for my unbelief. Atheists are happy to come against God and prove him wrong which they will never be able to. But my case is different , just because of this fallible profeswsor everything was messed up in my life and im not happy at all in the place where i stand. My Dad always tells me that it is by grace that we are saved and not by our own efforts, since thats what the bible says. HE tells me to stop questioning and receieve the free gift that God has given me.

At 8:32am on February 1, 2012, Azad Kastanian said…

Thank you very much for these strong foundational principles that you have taken the time to communicate and share with me Tim. Unfortunately because of this professor i had 5 yrs ago , i m in a lot of doubts and constant struggle to get back to my faith. God's apologetic that he used in the Bible is very strong and as you said an ultimate proof that the Bible is true. I do not want to be like THomas and doubt God but what can i do im found in ths situation honestly. I look forward to hearing your article on the resurrection but before that it really means a lot to me to accept Gods word without external confirmation since God said blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. But honestly Tim, sorry for taking more of your time by my messages , i still have a lot of doubts lingering in my mind that how can we be sure that what the authors claimed regarding the prophecies fullfilled did really happen,?. I want to believe so that i can be free I just need the faith ! I was reading the passages from ISaiah that the virgin is going to conceive and bear achild , he will be called wonderful counselor , mighty God the government shall be oh his shoulders. I was greatly encouraged reading them again over and over but I just need to know that everything was fullfilled. Byt the way i read your article today on the compromise and heresy of Dr Peter Enns, i was greatly saddened too that he raises doubts in people s minds and calls Jesus a liar.( indirectly)

At 9:02am on January 30, 2012, Azad Kastanian said…

Dear Tim,


I highly highly appreciate your time that you put in forwarding and writing to me this wonderful reply. However , please excuse me for my skepticism , im not an unbeliever purposely, i just have questions that i wish you can answer. How do we know that the prophecies about the virgin birth , resurrection etc were fulfilled . I know that the fulfillment of these prophecies are mentioned in the gospels , but how do we know that what matthew wrote was the truth thats whats troubling me for the time being. For example regarding , the crucufixion of christ we have extra biblical sources such as josephus, tacitus , pliny the younger who corroborate the fact that Jesus was crucified under pontius pilate. If you could just help me to figure how can i trsut that the authors wrote he truth and if u have any extra biblical sources for the virgin birth and resurrection and the 30 shekels of silver that Jesus was betrayed for etc that would be of much help to me . And i have only 2 weeks left for my university to start and i want to get these doubts of my mind and the Lord to free me so i can start a victorious semester. Thank you for your kind reply again.


God Bless you richly



At 11:37am on January 27, 2012, Azad Kastanian said…

hey tim.. jjust a reminder that im looking forward to hearing from you regarding my last question.


Godl richly bless you



At 11:39am on January 17, 2012, Azad Kastanian said…

Hello Tim, Thank you very much again for providing these articles on AIg for me to read. Actually ive read alot of them alos before that the Big bang is not good science because of the porblems listed. Actually i myself do not deal with the issue of compromising . I know that the Big bang is atheistic and naturalistic and it is against what the Bible says . Thats how i faced my dilemma in the first place /. My professor told me that because the big bang were claimed to be fact and the biblical God states that he created the universe in 6 days , therefore he did not believe in the Biblical God. This is what i faced for 5 yrs and im still facing. I want to know and be sure that God created everything without any doubts. The problem i am facing is how can we be sure 100 percent that the big bang is false ?... I know Genesis says that God created everything but on what basis do we believe this to be true. Also in 2nd Peter the apostle Peter says that we did not follow cleverly invented stories . but we were eyewitnesses when we heard the voice from heaven saying this is my beloved son  and in the second chapter where he talks about God punishing the people in the time of the flood and rescuing Noah. Tim i want to believe with all my heart that this is true , but i have been so much indoctrinated that im having constant doubts all the time. How can i be sure that what peter says is true ? I really need your help. :)

At 10:56am on January 17, 2012, David Thomas Posey said…

Well, while the article contained no inaccuracies, I did notice one possibility that you didn't mention.  I know you didn't have room for all the range of possibilities, but I think it's very likely that there were no Nephilim in the promised land when the children of Israel arrived.  The only place where the Nephilim are mentioned as living there is a quote from the spies, who may not be the most credible witnesses.  I think they just used the word Nephilim to scare the rest of the nation.


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