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Room for miracles?

One thing I am thinking about now is that if the Flood can be explained geophysically then it is not miraculous.

Only the fixing of the ark door is miraculous.


I know there is the constant challenge to be "scientific". To me that is a trap. Morals and miracles are not scientific so if one tries to be scientific one is skipping on morals and miracles, being human and letting God be God. Not just the ark doorman.



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Interview with David Rives

In a culture of those who make sweeping statements, point fingers, or avoid controversy altogether, David has made bold assertions and fortified them through empirical research from the Earth to the furthest corners of heaven.

Enjoy this interview with David Rives as seen on the CAN Podcast.…


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Six Days book review.

Here is the address to my latest review which is on Six Days by Ken Ham. http://mariediditagain.blogspot.com/2014/02/six-days-by-ken-ham.html

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Book Review: Til Heaven Invades Earth by Cindy Trimm


Prayer Principles for Intercessory Prayer— taken from the subtitle, it aptly describes this book’s contents.

Part of this book is loosely patterned after the story of Esther…you know, the way Esther had to come before a king with a petition.

The author…


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