March 2017 Blog Posts (4)

Dark Energy and Vision

What if what they are calling dark energy isn't dark at all, but is instead the reason we are able to see everything in the universe now?

Could this whatever it is be the reason we can see distant far off objects whose lights couldn't possibly have reached us yet, and won't for billions of more years!?

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If Space is limited, what is there for it to expand into?

If the cosmos is finite and expanding, what is there outside the cosmos for it to expand into? Does it just automatically make more space? And, if so, what happens to the mass and energy in existence, does it just stretch more? Or does new stuff come into existence? And what of the laws of thermo that says that can't happen?


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God's Justice System vs The Civil Justice System

   I've heard it argued that Christianity is immoral because even if someone rapes a woman, and the rapist accepts Jesus in his heart, even if the woman doesn't forgive the man, he can still go to heaven and the woman could still go to Hell. But the person making this claim is getting confused on something important.

   God's justice system deals with people who sinned against Him. To rape, one must…


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Free PDF Copy of Book for my Creation Conversations "Family"

Good day all,

My book 'Created Kinds, Baraminology, and the Creation Orchard' has gone to the printers. As a thank you to everyone here for the helpful conversations in recent years, I am offering a free PDF copy of the book (as an Advance Reader Edition). It can be downloaded from …


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