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The Bible as the basis for truth

People understand that the truth matters.  We base our decisions and actions on what we perceive to be true.  For instance, if someone is about to take medicine, they count on the label to be true so that they do not ingest anything harmful.  They want the truth about whether or not any cars are coming when they are about to walk across the street.  The Truth concerning our souls, and its eternal destiny, is incredibly important and merits serious investigation.




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Does Truth Matter in this Age of Relativism?

In this postmodern age, many people believe that the best worldview is to let each person construct his or her own version of truth.  The mantra of “What’s true for me may not be what’s true for you” is becoming the banner under which this ‘new and improved’ humanity operates.  They wonder, if truth is whatever we want it to be, why we continue to debate and discuss the concept of God.


There is a popular idea circulating today that says, “Truth is irrelevant and, if we would…


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A Field Test of a Field Guide to Faith Conversations - Book Review of Bill Foster's Meet the Skeptic

This isn’t your typical book review. I mean, how often do you get to field test a field guide to faith conversations?

But it so happened that the other day I was talking to a young man at college and without warning I was catapulted into the middle of a faith conversation. One second, we’re talking about his interests in re-enacting medieval warfare. The next, he suddenly…


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Meet the Skeptic by Bill Foster

Originally posted at Living Hope here 

In …


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To Live is Christ

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Scripture tells us that when one becomes a Christian, there is a transformation that takes place in…


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Book Review: It Could Happen Tomorrow by Gary Frazier [New Leaf Press] 2012

As someone who regularly speaks and writes on issues dealing with our Biblical origins, I don’t often get a chance to read anything dealing with eschatology, or the study of things to come.

Oh, we creationists do point out that this fallen and flood-scarred creation groans and travails for rebirth [Romans 8:22]; that Paul linked the Creation [in the First Adam] to the…


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Not the best book I have read recently...

Title: God Forsaken

Author: Dinesh D’Souza

Pages: 288

Publisher: Tyndale

Year: 2012

Note: I received a complimentary copy from Tyndale Publishers for review.

The title of this book may lead you to wonder what it is…


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A Statement on Man’s Freewill and Freedom of Choice (In the Context of God’s Freewill and Freedom of Choice)

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! Romans 11:33


Of Man


Man is free to choose any option that comes to his focused attention that is not hindered nor prevented by an influence beyond his control. Man’s will is not free of all hindrance and prevention.


The freewill of man is influenced by many things. Among these influences are personal habits and addictions, man’s immediate environmental and interpersonal…


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We're All Happy Jesus Rose From the Dead!

I have been noticing snakes in cultural myths lately. Sometime I may post more about this subject but today when many Christians celebrate Christ's victory over sin and death I wanted to mention a few things. The snake is often a symbol for new life but our Savior is the one who created life, sustains life and gives us "abundant life". The serpent was at the tree of knowledge of good and evil but our Savior will give us to eat of the Tree of Life in the paradise of God (Rev. 2:7).…


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Big Bang Theory? Awww...no. Big Plan? Ahhh!!! Yes.

The whole universe was in the mind of God,

Then over six thousand years ago,

He molded life in sod.

Then men began to sin, inventing fables without end.

God sent His Son to conquer sin,

He rose again; you’ll meet Him face to face.

God’s word defines reality,

The perfect guide to sanity,

It all begins and ends with God’s plan. PLAN!

Added by Jerry Corbaley on April 7, 2012 at 5:24pm — 2 Comments

Review: A is For Adam by Ken & Molly Ham

A is for Adam is more than just a child's picture book. It is a fun and interesting way to teach your children all about the truths in the book of Genesis. One truth is presented for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z using wonderful, truthful rhymes. "A is for Adam; God made him from dust. He wasn't a monkey, he looked just like us. Although some scientists don't think it was so, it was God who was there, and He ought to know." The illustrations that go along with the poems are…


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Review and Opportunity to win autographed copy of.....

Title: Words Spoken True

Author: Ann H. Gabhart www.annhgabhart.com

Pages: 368

Year: 2012

Publisher: Revell

Note: This blogger gratefully acknowledges the gift of the book for the review signed by the author. Other reviews are located at…


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