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Incorporating Art Into Your Nature Studies: Wildlife Wednesday

We do a lot of different nature & wildlife activities. One of the best things we've incorporated into our homeschool nature studies - is art. It's fun and interesting. It helps the boys remember what they have seen. It reinforces what they have learned either out in the field or in studies & reading afterward.

Incorporating art into nature studies adds another layer of depth to adventures outdoors. Art can…


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Benign Creative Ambiguity - An Open Letter to Church Leadership Regarding Genesis Creation

I have struggled over the years with church leadership (both elders and pastors) who have been unwilling to embrace a literal creation for any number of reasons including avoiding ridicule, loss of membership, being viewed as judgmental, etc. Maybe you have had the same problem. If so, you might find my most recent blog helpful. I wrote it with the intention that others might be able to simply download the document, modify it to fit your specific situation and submit it to your church…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Beach Days

Happy Summer! 

If you are planning to spend time at the beach this summer, it is the perfect…


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We are at Mt St Helens, USA, this summer!

Our family is helping at the 7Wonders Museum this summer! It is a 15 year old, free visitor center using the geological effects of the volcanic activity in the '80s to demonstrate it doesn't take millions of years to form rock layers and canyons! They formed rapidly here, and you can see for yourself! We are 10 miles off interstate 5, on the road to Mt St Helens, Washington, USA..

We would love to meet any folks & families in the area or passing through. There is a bookstore here… Continue

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Close Encounters: Of the Wildlife Wednesday kind!


We had a close encounter with a gopher tortoise this week! He actually got IN the house. He's been coming up onto our porch and scratching at the back door - just like the dog does - to let us know he wants in. 

When I stepped out to take his picture - I expected him to shy away into his shell. 

But, he's just not the shy type! He ran straight for me - and right into the house. I could hardly get out of…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Gifts From Above

*This post contains affiliate links.…


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A New Way To Fly

Today's Scientific Mystery Monday, bird expert Professor Mike Tarburton shares with us the wonders of the aerodynamics of bird wings.

For generations science text books and we science teachers have taught that bird wings gain lift and thrust by

certain aerodynamic features resulting from the shape of a birds wing. It was commonly thought that…


Added by Marci Goodwin on June 10, 2013 at 7:00am — 1 Comment

Wildlife Wednesday - Leaping Lizards and other wildlife tales with links and Freebies


 Leaping Lizards . . . in my house!

That's also my decor lantern from Dayspring full of grass, dirt, leaves and . . . LIZARDS! 

I'd love to tell you that our house isn't always full of bugs, reptiles, and amphibians - but to my chagrin, it would simply not…


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Termites' Purpose In Nature

Welcome to Scientific Mystery Monday!

In Australia where I live – termites are seen as not a good thing to have around as they can eat out the timbers in a house and cause a lot of damage. By God designed termites to serve many purposes and some of these are just being discovered by scientists. How termites start to build a nest is very interesting.…


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A valuable resource for teaching

My review for this wonderful resource is live on the AdventurezinChildRearing homeschool blog. 

The book is currently on sale! 

See why we've deemed it one of our favorite & consider it a valuable resource for teaching science, history, and even geography. It is chock full of information, pictures,…


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