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Kindle Users: Johnny Came Home by Tony Breeden is Free on Amazon (10/31/2012 Only!)


No Tricks. Only Treats.

Today only, we are making Johnny Came Home by Tony Breeden available for free to Kindle users through Amazon.com. Johnny Came Home is an action-packed sci-fi apologetics novel full…


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“What do you believe?” 

The still small voice stopped my laughing and started me thinking. I was watching a program on television – Politically Incorrect – and one of the guests had just said that he believed man lived with dinosaurs. The host started laughing along with the other guests, the audience and me. Mind you, I told myself that I believed the Biblical account of creation and that the age of the Earth was around 6,000 years old, but that moment I realized that if I really…


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"Made in Heaven" reveals God's incredible creation

The book Made in Heaven surprised me.  The book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.  Master Books specializes in Christian apologetics books for people of all ages.  When I received my copy of the book, its format…


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The Lie

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The Lie: Evolution/ Millions of Years by Ken Ham, is a new revised and expanded anniversary edition of his original book published 25 years ago.  The author explains the fallacies of evolution and  dispels the myths surrounding the theory of evolution which so many readily accept as…


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Announcing Wildlife Wednesdays A NEW Creation Conversations Group

Hello I am Kathy from Kathys Cluttered…


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The Six Days of Genesis Curriculum and DVD Set

My new Six Days of Genesis DVD and Curriculum will be available from November 13th 2012. It is now available for pre-order.

In this series, which accompanies the book of the same name, I have attempted to introduce the subject of creation, evolution and Genesis by a…


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Made In Heaven

Made In Heaven: Man's Indiscriminate Stealing of God's Amazing Design by Ray Comfort & Jeffrey Seto is a full color  book of popular science topics for students. The quality presentation of this book rivals that of many popular science themed books for children which are becomming more popular with today's young readers. From the cover that features a close up of the scales underneath a neon…


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The True Account of Adam & Eve: And introduction into Apologetics

The True Account of Adam & Eve by Ken Ham and illustrated by Bill Looney, chronicles the Genesis account of the bible  starting with the 6-day creation-  in  a children's storybook format.  Yet the simple format should not decieve the reader as this book isn't simply a storybook, but a simplified theological commentary about the book of Genesis, the account of Adam and Eve and its significance for each and every one of us.…


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spreading the word...

I have written a book on the truth which i am in the process of getting published.  chapter 10 is titled The Theory of Evolution is a Joke.  it is 100 pgs long and contains 250 quotes from the writings of scientists/experts in the field, including Ken Ham.  I would like to know what u folks, and he, thinks about it so i have attached a copy of the contents of that chapter.
thanks so much
ur humble servant in Christ, and in the…

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The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolution's Nightmare


Review on my Blog

The Genius of Ancient Man: Evolution's Nightmare is a new scientific volume by general editor Don Landis with Jackson H*** Bible College.  This full color, encyclopedia-like text covers in detail, the erroneous claims and inconsitencies…


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A Five-Star Review for Johnny Came Home by Tony Breeden

K G Powderly, Jr., author of The Windows of Heaven series, weighed in with five stars on Johnny Came Home's first Amazon review. His review, entitled…


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"The Genius of Ancient Man" is fascinating and informative.

Current evolutionary theory tells us that humanity evolved from some initial simple life form.  It tells us that humans evolved through a series of stages; improving from ignorant brute beasts to what we are today.  A new book, The Genius of Ancient Man,…


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The World of Animals, Toola Roola Jane, & Sweetie Bell Marie

One day last week, the kids poured the change out of their banks, pooled their change together, and off we went to Petsmart to buy their first pets. Already, we are quite in love with Toola Roola Jane and Sweetie Bell Marie.  But wait! I'm…

Added by Celena Marie Janton on October 20, 2012 at 2:00am — 2 Comments

Free Book Friday - The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years - 25th Anniversary Edition

Creation Conversations and Master Books bring you Free Book Friday


Here is Ken Ham explaining why he revised The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years after 25…


Added by Jennifer O. White on October 19, 2012 at 8:30am — 6 Comments

Evolution of Darwin: his science

Hey, I've been watching (or catching part of) the Evolution of Darwin series (I'm up late :) . The last and most complete one I saw was His Science, featuring Dr. David Menton. I've seen several DVDs with Dr. Menton speaking and in my opinion this is him at his best. Besides the historical aspect, this show is a simple and powerful refutaion of Darwinian evolution with many quotes from prominent scientists, most of whom are evolutionists casting doubt on the theory including, of course,…


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You’re Invited to a Facebook Party with the Producers Editors and Authors of IndoctriNation!

Tomorrow night (Thursday, October 18) at 8pm CT join Master Books for a Facebook party featuring the award-winning documentary and companion book, IndoctriNation:…


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How can Christians take the Bible literally in a scientific age?

I recently saw an image of a church sign that read “We take the Bible seriously, not literally”.  This struck me.  I realize there is a strong debate over how the Bible should or should not be read.  Although I sometimes label myself a “literalist” for defining purposes, it is a much deeper issue than one simple word can define. 

Although I realize some parts of…


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Book Review: Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity. Edited by Charles Laverdiere. Master Books: Green Forest, AR (2012)

I’m always leery of the book version of a film, especially documentaries and other nonfictional media, mostly because the “novelization” tends to rehash the same ground that I just covered in the movie. But every once in a while, the book proves to be the perfect complement the filmmakers promised. Indoctrinationis just such a book: relevant, readable and revealing.

I should begin…


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Dr. Jason Lisle Featured on CNN's Situation Room TODAY

Dr. Jason Lisle will be on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer TODAY between 3pm-6pm CT. He has been asked to respond to Rep. Paul Broun's (R-Ga) comments regarding creation, young earth, and the Bible.

At a speech delivered recently to the Liberty Baptist…


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History Book of the Universe Reveals Adam & Eve Were Real People!

There is growing confusion, even within the church, about the truth behind Adam and Eve’s literal being. This confusion and lack of trust in the precise meaning of God’s Word has unlocked a dangerous door to biblical compromise. The door gets pushed open wider and wider with each…


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