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Providential Parting of the Red Sea

Our Amazing Planet recently featured …

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The Shadowed Mind by Julie Cave

The Shadowed Mind by Julie Cave

Although, The Shadowed Mind is the second in The Dinah Harris Mystery triology series, it was more than adequate as a stand-alone story by itself. If I was missing anything important by not reading the

first in the series before reading this one, I couldn't tell.

All of the plots and subplots revolved around the topics of eugenics, euthanasia, evolution vs. creation and ultimately the value of human life. What could have been a…


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The Silly Business of Salvation

I'm currently reading the Welsh mythology of King Arthur.  In many of the stories, Arthur and his gallant knights avenge honor and fight for the helpless, all the while brandishing swords and girding themselves in armor of gold, silver, and other precious metals.  They sound, quite frankly, like the type of saviors most of us would want.


If my wife were - God forbid - ever attacked, a sword would be handy.  When she is insulted or mistreated at work, I wish sometimes that I…


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The Attested Christ

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 18: Actors including Alfio Stuto (Jesus) and Marina Dixon (Mary) re-enact final scenes including Jesus' crucifixion, at Location 7 of 'Stations of the Cross', a travelling dramatised re-enactment of the last days of Jesus' life acted across seven CBD locations, at Sydney Opera House on July 18, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Organised every two to three years by the Catholic Church, World Youth Day (WYD) is an invitation from the Pope to the youth of the world to celebrate their faith. The celebration, being held in Sydney from July 15 to July 20, 2008, will mark the first visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Australia. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)



by Tony J. Bowe


Jesus Christ and his…


Added by Tony J. Bowe on December 24, 2010 at 7:32pm — 2 Comments

Book Review - Secrets of the Sixth Edition: Darwin Discredits His Own Theory by Randall Hedtke - Master Books [1983, 2010]

Randall Hedtke makes a convincing case in this book for the probable cause of Charles Darwin's little publicized neuropsychosis. He notes that Darwin's symptoms began with the first publication of the Origins [1859], continued through its many versions and conspicuously ended with the publication of the sixth and final edition in 1872. He posits that it was the dread of having his… Continue

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Dr. Terry Mortenson, author of "Coming to Grips with Genesis" LIVE on Knowing the Truth Radio- Tues. Dec. 21

Tune into Knowing the Truth Radio, Tuesday Dec. 21 at 12:00 p.m. CST:

Knowing the Truth Radio
with Pastor Kevin Boling is a live, call-in radio program providing doctrinal… Continue

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An Open Invitation to Co-Author an Ebook!

Christian fiction author,Julie Cave, writes to help others know Christ and the truth of the Bible and she uses fiction to do so. Julie presents an apologetic message in a storyline that could easily be found in the evening news.  Page by page the reader begins to experience the reality of God's Word in a broken world.


Submit your essay…


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Making 2011 the Year of the Bible… By Taking the Bible Seriously!

The King James Bible, also known as the Authorized Version, has not only been one of the most unifying forces in Christendom, it's inarguably the most influential work of all time. First published in 1611, it was first commissioned to replaced the Geneva Bible (largely because of anti-Catholic commentary prevalent in the margins of the Reformer's Bible) in 1604 by King James I.…


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When the foundations are being destroyed. . . .

This community is remarkable.  It provides a haven for us to refresh our faith, encourage other brothers and sisters, and learn from each other.  It is very, very, remarkable.  We, as a group, are dedicated to defending the Word of God from the very first verse to the very last.


And, boy, do we have a fight on our hands. 


Our culture - local and global - seems Hell-bent (literally) on attacking the Scriptures.  So we meet, we discuss, we refine ideas, and we…


Added by Charles Martin Jr on December 18, 2010 at 8:13am — 2 Comments

The Mimic Octopus

The mimic octopus is an incredible example of God’s design in creation. It can imitate over 15 other creatures and possibly many more. It was discovered in 1998 and there is still much research to be done on this marvelous mollusk. The video below shows some of the amazing things it can do. The narrator poses the question, “Where did nature’s greatest actor come from?” The Bible has the answer. God created it along with all the other sea creatures on Day 5 of creation (Genesis…


Added by Dustin Crider on December 18, 2010 at 8:00am — 1 Comment

Consider the Birds

If anyone reading this has not read all the fascinating reports of the intelligence of crows and ravens, I highly recommend you to look into it.  If you can't find it elsewhere, the Answers in Genesis website has plenty of articles and links about them (especially in the News to Note).  Besides being a testimony to God's brilliant creation, there is a lot to learn from the birds.  One of the most important lessons God has shown me through them is on…


Added by David Thomas Posey on December 18, 2010 at 12:18am — 1 Comment

Guard Your Faith

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions addresses over 40 issues of contention and confusion used by many critics to refute the Bible. Ken Ham and a powerful team of contributors compiled this quick reference with foundational answers from Genesis to Revelation. With this reference Christians will have accurate answers to defend the Word when asked such questions as:

-Is God greater than Jesus?

-Does God change His mind?

-Can all sins be forgiven or not?

-How could…


Added by Katie Gumm on December 15, 2010 at 2:58pm — 1 Comment

January Homeschool Planner is ready to download (Free)

If you are ready to begin making plans for January's homeschooling, here is a free downloadable planner for January 2011. It has been designed to help you get (and stay) organized next month.

This download comes complete with month and week calendars, 3 different lesson plan forms to fit your individual needs, and a…


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I enjoyed the second half of the book

Secrets of the Sixth Edition by Randall Hedtke is subtitled "Darwin Discredits His Own Theory."

Interesting premise.

The publisher promises "an easy-to-read study" and I did not find…


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Beneficial Microbes... Really?

Fascinating stuff are microbes. Who knew? Having never delved into the world of microbiology much before I certainly had no idea. I mean, I did take biology and advanced biology in high school but I am sure those two semesters didn’t delve much into the world of microbiology because we were too busy talking about genetics and evolution.

I really appreciated this book by Gillen, and I think it will make an excellent high school text for microbiology. I love the focus on creationism and…


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FamZoo - A FUN tool to help parents teach kids to be financially responsible

Have you heard of FamZoo? It's a website with a pretty cool concept!

Here's the scoop...

The website acts as a 'virtual family bank' set up according to your families rules and values…


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Brandon Heath to release 3rd album Leaving Eden in January

GMA’s two-time reigning Male Vocalist of the Year, Brandon Heath readies for the anticipated release of his third studio project, titled Leaving Eden, set for national release on Jan. 18, 2011. (Preorder Now for only $11.99!)

The album’s lead single “Your Love” has already… Continue

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Music Worship Devotional Series will make a great holiday gift

There is no better time for a music release than just before the holidays! Released yesterday, Kingway's Worship Devotional: A Month In Word & Worship series includes a 2-CD and hard cover book for every month of the year that features one compelling worship song for every day, each accompanied by a specially commissioned devotional. These… Continue

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More free Christmas Printables!

Here are two free downloads perfect for this time of year - Christmas ABCs and Christmas Fun.

Christmas ABCs is a 27 page download and is exactly what the name implies. It begins with the letter A (A is for angel) and ends with the letter Z (Z is for Zion), with a page for each letter of the alphabet. Christmas…


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Red Sea, Reality, and Providence

Taking Every Thought Captive Podcast - Episode 16…


Added by Dustin Crider on December 7, 2010 at 6:40pm — 5 Comments

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