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Australia's Red Centre reveals compelling evidence of Noah's Flood...

I'll just leave this here...

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Expectations of Creation Conversations (URGENT READ)

I pray this will help better explain what is expected from users at Creation Conversation, future posts and how important it is that we adhere to the standards of this website.

Statement of Faith

The statement of faith is a guideline for the majority of posters and their Biblical belief that are here at Creation Conversation. It is a requirement for new users to agree with the statement of faith and more…


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Creation Conversations - What I'd Like to See

For those of you who aren't familiar we have several new moderators (Administrators) browsing about online. There are some changes coming to this site to return it to its former glory. More details to follow on that front, but until then, we want to hear from you!

What would you, as an active member, like to see more of (or less of) here at Creation Conversations? Nothing is too small, nothing is too large. Shoot us straight and if we can implement those changes we'll make that…


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Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Might not get the opportunity to say it as I'm traveling to be with family this afternoon. Pray for safe travels this holiday season and open opportunities to fellowship and share God with family and friends. This new look is just for the holiday season. We just want to bring in a bit of a personal touch to the community, hope it sets well.

Wanted to leave you with this article about Thanksgiving, a secular holiday, but one Christians can certainly use to glorify the Lord, 'in…


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