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FREE Sand Dollars Unit Study: Wildlife Wednesday

I'm working to provide you with FREE Wildlife Lessons for your family homeschool. Right now you can download a Sand Dollar Unit Study. 

Learn the parts of the sand dollar, the science and characteristics of sand dollars including habitat, predators, diet and more. Each of the Wildlife Adventures lessons include Bible verse handwriting pages for both…


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Homeschool gone wild - Wildlife Wednesdays

We've been spending some time at the family hunt camp in Georgia. With all that time in the woods, it was homeschool gone wild! 

The boys brushed up on their archery skills and also their lizard catching. …


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Wildlife Wednesday- Great Blue Heron


Wildlife Wednesday is here! Come and link up your nature study and wildlife posts & we will pin it to the NLPG/ Master Books - group Pin board here

This week: …


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Wildlife Wednesday - Then God created cowboys (and their horses, bulls, and cattle)

Link up your wildlife and nature posts and be pinned to the Master Books and New Leaf Publishing Pin…

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Wildlife Wednesday - turning everyday adventures lead to extraordinary learning

As homeschool moms, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it all done. I am all…

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Wildlife Wednesday- FREE nature books & a unit study for your homeschool

We love exploring God's creation and sharing the experience with you!

Come and link up your own wildlife & nature posts and we will pin them to the Master Books - Wildlife Wednesday group…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Florida's Wild Horses


Our recent adventure is one of my all time favorites. 

I've heard about wild horses, but had never had the

 opportunity to see them until this past weekend.


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Wildlife Wednesday - Cone/Comb Jellies

The WW link up is open - go hereto add your pictures or posts of nature & wildlife & we will Pin it to the Master Books Wildlife Wednesday Pinterest board. 

All my life I've called these gelatinous creatures "cone jellies", turns out - I was wrong! They are "comb jellies". 

They don't sting like jelly fish, but do…


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Wildlife Wednesday - V is for Venomous Lionfish

The Venomous Lionfish can be Vicious 

Up to 18 sharp needle-like dorsal fins deliver a vicious venom which is…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Pelicans


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Wildlife Wednesday - Nature ops here and there

Exploring God's Creation, finding opportunities to make new discoveries in nature, are all around. You just have to learn to slow down long enough to notice! 

We have been taking our boys "hiking" since they were young enough to have to carry part of the way. Of course, that does…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Exploring Tadpoles

Exploring creation with your kids doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to track through the jungles or scale Mt Everest to be an explorer. 

Everyday exploration can be an exciting experience for the whole family. All you need is a keen eye and a good attitude! 

We get a lot of rain in Florida during the summer months.…


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Incorporating Art Into Your Nature Studies: Wildlife Wednesday

We do a lot of different nature & wildlife activities. One of the best things we've incorporated into our homeschool nature studies - is art. It's fun and interesting. It helps the boys remember what they have seen. It reinforces what they have learned either out in the field or in studies & reading afterward.

Incorporating art into nature studies adds another layer of depth to adventures outdoors. Art can…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Beach Days

Happy Summer! 

If you are planning to spend time at the beach this summer, it is the perfect…


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Close Encounters: Of the Wildlife Wednesday kind!


We had a close encounter with a gopher tortoise this week! He actually got IN the house. He's been coming up onto our porch and scratching at the back door - just like the dog does - to let us know he wants in. 

When I stepped out to take his picture - I expected him to shy away into his shell. 

But, he's just not the shy type! He ran straight for me - and right into the house. I could hardly get out of…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Leaping Lizards and other wildlife tales with links and Freebies


 Leaping Lizards . . . in my house!

That's also my decor lantern from Dayspring full of grass, dirt, leaves and . . . LIZARDS! 

I'd love to tell you that our house isn't always full of bugs, reptiles, and amphibians - but to my chagrin, it would simply not…


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A valuable resource for teaching

My review for this wonderful resource is live on the AdventurezinChildRearing homeschool blog. 

The book is currently on sale! 

See why we've deemed it one of our favorite & consider it a valuable resource for teaching science, history, and even geography. It is chock full of information, pictures,…


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Wildlife Wednesday - Incredible Luna Moth

On our recent adventure to the Sheltowee Trace Outfitters for a whitewater rafting expedition, we came across this beautiful creature God made: …


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The Ecology Book Giveaway & Our Wildlife Wed experience

We've been out and about exploring God's Creation the past couple of days. We've had run ins with turtles (well, gopher tortoise) and I was up all night defending my children from a rogue raccoon, who was determined to get into our tent! 

Not to worry, we made it through the experience unharmed, and so did he. It can be dangerous when dealing with an animal who has lost its fear of humans. Well, when they have claws and teeth, anyway. Teaching our children to…


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Backyard ecology

Science adventure from your own back yard! 

You don't have to take a trip or head for the wilderness to study wildlife with your kids. You don't even have to be especially "outdoorsy". We love our nature walks, camping and outdoor adventures -…


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