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Presuppositions and Biblical Creation Account

Presuppositions, even among Christian theologians, in multiple ways affect the possible interpretations of the Genesis creation record (as evidenced by the fact that I, because I believe Genesis to be literal history, call it the “Genesis record” while others would call it the “Genesis story” or “Genesis tale”).  These presuppositions affect how we view the original audience of Genesis also: if we believe they were less intelligent than ourselves, possibly little more than the stereotypical…


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Why don’t Christians consider the creation account in Genesis to be a literal record of creation?

A plain reading of the first chapter of Genesis clearly says that the universe, and all that is in it, was created in six days. Why don’t we believe that? Is it because we don’t believe God is powerful enough to have done it that way? Are we limiting God?

Is it because secular scientists have said…


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What about Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?

The concern for those who have never heard the Gospel is common for believers everywhere. We should do all that the Lord leads us to do to get the Gospel message to everyone we can; however, there will be some, and have been some, who will never hear the Gospel in their lifetime. Let me lay out some foundational biblical truths that should guide us in our thinking on this subject.

First, we need to remember that God loves humanity enough to send His Son to die on a cross for our sins…


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Worldviews, choices, and destinations.

There are two competing foundational worldviews; each one containing radically different end results. 

One worldview, the naturalist/humanist/secular worldview, tells us that we came into being by accident (not guided by intelligence), that the only purpose we have is the purpose we give ourselves, and that we are responsible to no higher being or cause.

The competing worldview, the Biblical worldview, claims that humans were created by God, for His purposes, and that we are…


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Ken Ham offers a clear and concise defense of Biblical Creation and its importance to the church

In Ken Ham’s latest book, Six Days (The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church), he posits the idea that belief in the theory of evolution causes many to doubt the trustworthiness of the biblical record.  This doubt causes some to question their faith and to turn away from Christ.

Mr. Ham says that, if it were not for the influence of the naturalistic theory of…


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Book Review: "Don't Miss the Boat" by Paul Taylor

Many people think that science and Christianity are at war.  They think that either science has proven Christianity false or the Bible says that science should be avoided or ignored.  Neither of these positions is true, as Paul Taylor points out in his book Don't Miss The Boat. Mr. Taylor has a Master's…


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"Tower of Babel" a 'Towering' addition to Creation Worldview literature.

"Tower of Babel" by Bodie Hodge is a new book that traces the ancestry of modern humans back to the dispersion of mankind at the Tower of Babel".  I found that Mr. Hodge's research was very in-depth and thorough.  At times, I was actually overwhelmed by the amount, and the detail, of his findings.


For anyone who believes that the Biblical record is true, this…


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Ken Ham effectively exposes "The Lie" of evolution/millions of years

Ken Ham first wrote “The Lie” twenty-five years ago.  This is an updated edition of that book.  Mr. Ham is head of ‘Answers in Genesis’, a group of people dedicated to the truth of the Word of God, particularly the first eleven chapters of it.  The title of the book “The Lie” refers to the theory of evolution and/or the idea that it took millions or billions of years…


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"Made in Heaven" reveals God's incredible creation

The book Made in Heaven surprised me.  The book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group.  Master Books specializes in Christian apologetics books for people of all ages.  When I received my copy of the book, its format…


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"The Genius of Ancient Man" is fascinating and informative.

Current evolutionary theory tells us that humanity evolved from some initial simple life form.  It tells us that humans evolved through a series of stages; improving from ignorant brute beasts to what we are today.  A new book, The Genius of Ancient Man,…


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Book Review: 'Evolution Impossible' by Dr. John F. Ashton

The theory of evolution has been around for less than 300 years.  Belief in divine creation has existed since the creation of man.  Current secular scientists would have us believe that there is not, nor has there ever been, any serious doubt about concerning the veracity of their claims.


The new book, Evolution Impossible, tackles the theory of evolution head on and delivers some very helpful, and encouraging, insight into the truth about what the science really…


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Book Review: Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions 2

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions, Volume 2 by Tim Chaffey, Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge  is the second installment from the Answers in Genesis team dealing with supposed contradictions in the Bible.  Forty supposed biblical contradictions are dealt with in this volume.


Many times, Christians are stopped cold in their attempts to share the biblical message when someone accuses the Bible of containing contradictions.  The Christian must be prepared to defend…


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Book Review: Meet the Skeptic

Meet the Skeptic is a book written by Bill Foster, published by Master Books, aimed at helping Christians better know the unbeliever and be better equipped to engage them in dialogue and discussion.  The book is well written, informative, and never exhibits a condescending attitude toward those who do not believe as the author believes.


Right off the bat, Mr. Foster gives us some wise and practical advice.  He tells us that it will not get us very far, when discussing…


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The Bible as the basis for truth

People understand that the truth matters.  We base our decisions and actions on what we perceive to be true.  For instance, if someone is about to take medicine, they count on the label to be true so that they do not ingest anything harmful.  They want the truth about whether or not any cars are coming when they are about to walk across the street.  The Truth concerning our souls, and its eternal destiny, is incredibly important and merits serious investigation.




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Does Truth Matter in this Age of Relativism?

In this postmodern age, many people believe that the best worldview is to let each person construct his or her own version of truth.  The mantra of “What’s true for me may not be what’s true for you” is becoming the banner under which this ‘new and improved’ humanity operates.  They wonder, if truth is whatever we want it to be, why we continue to debate and discuss the concept of God.


There is a popular idea circulating today that says, “Truth is irrelevant and, if we would…


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Book Review: Answer Book For Teens

Book Review: “Answer Book For Teens”

By Bodie Hodge, Tommy Mitchell, with Ken Ham


Master Books © 2011


This book is a great book for Christian teens who want, or need, answers to the secular worldview they face every day. It is also a book that would be good for any teen looking for spiritual answers. 


Our teens face an onslaught of anti-God rhetoric from our culture…


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Book Review: "Begin" by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

A wonderful introductory book for those who desire to understand the overarching biblical picture.  It is a perfect resource for the new Christian, or anyone desiring an overview of the Bible.

The authors begin the book by telling the reader why the book is necessary.  They say that, in history past, most everyone knew what the Bible said, whether or not they chose to trust in its teachings or not.  However, in our present culture, many have no idea what is contained within the pages…


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Book Review: How Do We Know The Bible Is True by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

All in all, a very helpful book which touches on many different subjects concerning biblical reliability and interpretation.  At times it ventured more into addressing particular issues in current theology than strictly sticking to reasons or evidence for knowing the Bible is true.  Nevertheless, there is no place in the book that one will not be encouraged and enlightened…


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Creation or Evolution...It Really Matters Which One We Believe

Current evolutionary theory would have us believe that the universe, including you and me, came about by chance combinations of chemical elements.  This theory would have us believe that this chance encounter took place millions, if not billions, of years ago and that everything we see is a product of blind physical processes.


Consider for a moment how differently we would view our history, and our current condition, if we would simply believe what the Bible tells us about…


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Evolution and the Tragedy of Missing God

Science is involved in the search for truth. It investigates, gathers, and tests; then forms theories, opinions, and hypotheses from that information. Science has made great discoveries and given us much for which to be thankful.  The medical breakthroughs of science has saved many lives and made our existence much more pleasant.


However, in its quest for knowledge, a certain segment of the scientific community has ignored the greatest discovery possible.  By excluding the…


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