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There are over 1,650 years of ignored earth history. What would life be like 800 years after Creation and 800 years before the Flood of Noah? How would mankind and animals interact? What would it be like to enjoy a world where dinosaurs were not automatically hostile? What kind of skills could people develop over lives that spanned over 900 years? 

The Quest Before the Flood Series explores these ideas and many other wonders as historical fiction. The books are also Biblically…


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A Statement on Man’s Freewill and Freedom of Choice (In the Context of God’s Freewill and Freedom of Choice)

Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! Romans 11:33


Of Man


Man is free to choose any option that comes to his focused attention that is not hindered nor prevented by an influence beyond his control. Man’s will is not free of all hindrance and prevention.


The freewill of man is influenced by many things. Among these influences are personal habits and addictions, man’s immediate environmental and interpersonal…


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Big Bang Theory? Big Plan? Ahhh!!! Yes.

The whole universe was in the mind of God,

Then over six thousand years ago,

He molded life in sod.

Then men began to sin, inventing fables without end.

God sent His Son to conquer sin,

He rose again; you’ll meet Him face to face.

God’s word defines reality,

The perfect guide to sanity,

It all begins and ends with God’s plan. PLAN!

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