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Refuting the Critics: Hell's Existence & Purpose

   Wow! It has been so long since I last posted here. Although, I really didn't have much to talk about. But, I have found quite some interesting articles of questions to Christians. There are so many and the answer would be quite long that out of all of them. I have decided to write a book answering them. Though some will require a bit of studying.

   Anyway, so browsing through this website's groups (after having entered the keyword "atheist") I come across one with some very…


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Abortion - A Sacrifice to the God of Self!

   How do they get this name "god of self." Because they decide "right" and "wrong." Something only God can do (if it is to be objective anyway). They are God, they are playing God. Ravi Zacharias argued that people would complain if out of 5 people in an accident only 1 or 2 survive they would question why God chose those 1 or 2 and let the others die. They then call God immoral for letting this happen. Yet then they go off and make a rule that says it's okay to kill a child in the…


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A Watched Pot Never Boils - The Wait Until Your Marriage

   I lie there, on my bed, wondering what it'd be like - meeting my her, courting her, asking her to marry me, our wedding, our life, our kids. I know it's not a guy thing to think about his wedding but I can't help but think about it.

   As I wait for something I so desire. Something I can pour out my love to second to Christ. As I think, my desire for my own wife and family (specifically a daughter) grows stronger. It has just dawned on me that the phrase "a watched pot never boils"…


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God's Justice System vs The Civil Justice System

   I've heard it argued that Christianity is immoral because even if someone rapes a woman, and the rapist accepts Jesus in his heart, even if the woman doesn't forgive the man, he can still go to heaven and the woman could still go to Hell. But the person making this claim is getting confused on something important.

   God's justice system deals with people who sinned against Him. To rape, one must…


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How Do We Get Logic From a Deity?

   This question was posed to me when I, in an attempt to show the holes in my opponents argument, asked: "How do you account for logic?" I explained that logic is a reflection of how God thinks. In her response, she replies, "How does one obtain logic from a deity?" This question made me think. I wasn't asked to long ago, but I eventually came up with an answer, along with an analogy.

   The analogy is this; When someone builds a computer. They put some of their thought into it so…


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Why Death is NOT Good.

   I have had some people--after explaining to them that death before the literal fall is contradictory--tell me that nothing is wrong with death, or it's actually good. It comes to no shock to me to hear such a response from some-one who never experienced perfection. Especially when that person holds an evolutionary presupposition.

Here are some reasons why death is not good.

1. When God created, His plan and intention was for them to remain in that perfection. He didn't plan…


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Transgenders and Spirits in the Atheistic Worldview

   So it just occurred to me that when one says he/she is transgender, they're saying that spirits exist and their spirit is a female spirit trapped in a male body. Yet atheist proclaim spirits don't exist. How can that work?

   To be transgender, you must have a spirit. Otherwise, transgenders don't exist and is therefore a mental illness (which it is in all honesty). This is obviously an act of the flesh.

   I'm not saying that because we do have spirits that transgender…


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The Muscular Eye

Not many would think about it but your eye has muscles. And those muscles, as little as they are, do a lot. These muscle help you look up, down, left, and right. There are even 2 muscles that rotate your eye.

  • Superior & inferior rectus help us look either up and down
  • lateral and medial rectus helps up look from left…

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The Serpant Influenced by Satan

   While some may believe it's all snakes I have a hard time thinking so. For me I have a personal belief that the snake influenced by Satan was IMHO the Reticulated Python. Why? Well, being the longest* and most aggressive snake in the world it just makes since.

   Although, being around 6,000 years ago that snake that he influenced could've been extinct by now. As I have read one book on snakes (as they are an obsession), they had in the book about the "fist snake that had evolved,"…


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