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Faith shattered again

I decided to rewatch the Ken Ham -Bill Nye Debate last night. I already knew how Ham and Andrew Fabiche distorted the e. coli discoverey - it was evolution, not just a "switch turning on/off" - but this is really disturbing. When I discovered this I was pretty upset. But rather than go into a diatribe, I'm just going to post this. This is a screenshot (sorry for the fuzzyness of the image) of the debate when Ham is talking about dog evolution. Check out the chart presented by Ham:…


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Misleading Or exposed problems?

This will be controversial and I'm open to discussion about this. In an article about the Grand Canyon, Snellings trys to prove that all radiometric dating is flawed but only ends up proving that he deliberately used bad methods.

for those interested here's why what Snellings did  was wrong:

and here's the…


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Carbon Dating: A comprehensive look, pt. 2

When I started my first post, which you can read here (or on this site), I had sated that I didn't find much online literature that put all the pieces together in a detailed manner. If I had seen this article by Woolf1, I might have just posted a link and made some…


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Carbon Dating: A comprehensive look, pt. 1

Radiocarbon dating, or Carbon14 (14C) dating, (among other radiometric dating methods) is a key method to determine the age of organic material used within archaeology today. Without radiometric dating methods, it can be argued that science would have few ways to really know how old an object is. Therefore, the validity of the method is extremely important. In reading some of the online literature, I’ve noticed that while some depth is covered in one site, and other depth…


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The Creation-Evolution Debate 2014 and Pi

In the Life of Pi two stories of the protagonist’s survival are told. One is a simple, short description of events and feelings that seem to represent the true account of survival. The other is a more fantastic, emotionally gripping, mystical, human, and spiritual tale of wonder. The question of the film is which one would you rather believe. This of course in the film referring to a belief in God vs atheism and makes an interesting, if diminutive, version of…


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