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The Darkest Night: The Dinah Harris Prequel

This is the Dinah Harris you never knew - brilliant FBI agent, wife and mother.  What happens when her world falls apart and she loses everything dear to her?  Find out in the prequel, The Darkest Night, available free on my blog every Friday!



Dinah Harris stomped her feet and watched her breath disappear like a ghost in the cold, dark air.  An assertive wind whipped slivers of ice into her face, like tiny freezing darts.  It was just past midnight, in an…


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A Call to Arms (or Knees)

I think it's safe to say that today's school students have a lot to deal with - peer pressure, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, the breakdown of families, the loss of loved ones, depression, bullying, fear of the future and so on.

Here in Australia, a service exists in public schools (or state schools), funded by the federal government, called School Chaplaincy. School chaplains provide a listening ear, advice, counselling, and wisdom to students who have no where…


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A Brave New World


Recently, as I sat in a doctor’s waiting room, and having a complete lack of anything else to read, I opened a Vogue magazine.  Ordinarily I don’t go anywhere near tabloid or fashion magazines, but sitting still with nothing to do is not one of my strong points.

The article I opened up to proved to be interesting.  It was about the destruction of the family unit as the core of our society in favour of the individual.  This means, in essence, that the…


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A Review of Two Wars by Nate Self

Recently I read the book Two Wars, the autobiography of a US Ranger by the name of Nate Self. All I can say is – wow, what a great book!

It is the story of a young Christian man who is committed to serving his…


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Mother Guilt

I have a little girl who is almost two, and since her birth, I have become accustomed to a unique affliction known as Mommy Guilt. It did not exist before I had my daughter, but it manifested itself along with her.…


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Introducing Ella Barnett

The Shadowed Mind, the sequel to Deadly Disclosures, is due out in September and features a brand new character.

Ella Barnett is a young woman from a close…


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A Tribute To Friendship

This year I’ve been reflecting on friendship. This year, my school friends and I all turn 30 (gulp!) and we’ve been getting together more frequently to celebrate. These are friends I’ve literally grown up with – a few since the first grade, the rest of them since eighth grade.…


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A Sneak Peek at the Plot of The Shadowed MInd

“(My)…worldview by no means believes in the equality of races, but recognises along with their differences their higher or lower value, and through this knowledge feel obliged….to promote the victory of the better, the stronger, and to demand the submission of the…weaker.”

- Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler

This disturbing paragraph describes how Hitler justified his genocide. We now know the end result of such a worldview: the murder of…


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The Eternity Man

For thirty-seven years, this word – Eternity – would appear in beautiful copperplate handwriting in chalk on the sidewalks of Sydney. Nobody knew who wrote it more than half a million times in the early morning darkness and it mystified the residents and the media alike in Sydney.…


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Exciting New Contest Begins Today!

Would you like the chance to have a character named after you in the next book of the Dinah Harris trilogy? You could see your name, in print in The Shadowed Mind! We are running a contest where you will have two… Continue

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Meet Some of the Characters from Deadly Disclosures

A few weeks ago, my husband, daughter and I had the pleasure of having dinner with our great friends, Ken and Mally Ham. We are separated by half a world, so we take any opportunity to catch up.…


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Hope You Had a Happy Easter

As Christians, we celebrate Easter to remember the death and resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. When God cursed a sinful earth, He promised one day He would send One who would be the ultimate sacrifice. Easter is the fulfilment of this promise, and the reason for everlasting hope for anyone who believes.…


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The Beginning of The Da Vinci Code

Today I read in the Answers magazine, published by Answers in Genesis, that the creator of The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons and The Lost Symbol gave up on religion as a youth because of a pastor’s inability to defend the book of Genesis.…


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No Faith in Their Hatred

Political columnist Andrew Bolt on Wednesday wrote a very interesting article about the Global Atheists Convention which was held in Melbourne.

He begins by saying that he’s never felt more like believing in…


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The River Dreaming

When I was seventeen, my friend Erin and I discovered that the Queensland Theatre Company offered a competition for young playwrights. The winner would have their play produced and performed, which was a big deal. Although neither of us had ever written a play, we decided to enter.…


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Where did Deadly Disclosures Come From?

I was looking for a way to combine my love of writing with my newfound Christian faith. I felt God had given me this talent for a reason, and I wanted to use it to glorify Him. One weekend we went to our church camp, and the weather was atrocious. It was the one weekend of the year where the winds were gale force, the rain was horizontal and the temperature…


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Standing Up for the Truth

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a stand for what you knew to be right? It could be as small as standing up for a friend who was being bullied, or as big as blowing the whistle on an unethical employer. It is a really hard thing to do.…


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A Glimmer of Hope

If you have ever felt that life is too dark or too hard, you might empathise with Dinah Harris. If you have stared grief and despair full in the face, Dinah Harris might speak to you. If, despite these feelings, you still harbour a glimmer of hope somewhere deep inside you, Dinah Harris just might be able to…


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My Sarcastic Alter Ego

Dinah Harris has been living in my head for some years now. She bounces around in there like some kind of sarcastic alter-ego, usually making dryly ironic observations and comments. She is easy to misinterpret, to take her one-liners delivered with a straight face as an insult. It’s not until you get to know…


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