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Did Noah Wander in a Wasteland?


How did Noah make a living?

After the Flood it is reported that he had a vineyard. But in biblical times later, everyone had a vineyard. Before the Flood how did he provide for his family?

Do we imagine that God simply chose some primitive herder or farmer and supernaturally endowed him with knowledge and skills in engineering and mechanics, and naval construction? Building the Ark must have been a very costly project. How was this supported and…


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A Review of Darren Aronofsky's "NOAH."

I suppose I should comment on the movie. First of all THE Book is better.


But even if the Noah film were not about any biblical topic at…


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Did God Close the Door of the Ark?

The LORD God Shut Him In.


Did God close the door of the ark?

The Hebrew word is סגר…


Added by James (Jim) Brenneman on March 26, 2014 at 2:07pm — 1 Comment

Would this be a way to start a blog?

I never had a blog before. Is this how you do it?

Added by James (Jim) Brenneman on January 23, 2013 at 12:59pm — 2 Comments

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