I think it's safe to say that today's school students have a lot to deal with - peer pressure, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, the breakdown of families, the loss of loved ones, depression, bullying, fear of the future and so on.

Here in Australia, a service exists in public schools (or state schools), funded by the federal government, called School Chaplaincy. School chaplains provide a listening ear, advice, counselling, and wisdom to students who have no where else to turn. Almost all of the school chaplains are Christians who feel called to minister to our youth with love and compassion.
The existence of the school chaplaincy program is under threat. A local man, backed by the Australian Secular Lobby, has issued a High Court lawsuit opposing the federal funding of chaplains in state schools. The lawsuit's premise is that such funding breaches the Constitution, due to gaps in current legislation.

Should the lawsuit be successful, what is at stake?
* Chaplains connect students and their families with vital support networks, including counsellors, health practitioners, welfare agencies and local churches.
* Chaplains offer guidance to young people, bringing hope
* Chaplains are easily accessible, working right at the school where students need them
* Chaplains are positive role models for young people

You can read more about this vital service, including testimonies from young people who have had their lives impacted by chaplains, at www.saveourchaplains.com.au.

In Australia, churches have named May 1 as a national day of prayer dedicated to this issue. I ask that Christians from every nation remember our Aussie school chaplains on May 1, where ever you may be. Share this message with friends and family.
Our school chaplains are a voice in the darkness, providing hope to a lost generation.
Please pray with us on May 1.


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