I'm so glad the Bible records the concern Jesus had for children. He knew how vulnerable they were, but also how sensitive they were to his teaching. We homeschool for a reason.

We first started a school in our home when our older grandchildren were young. Their mom was burned out using a labor intensive curriculum, and our grandchildren were about to be sent to a public school. We had heard of the A.C.E. program and knew of it's high success rate.

We decided to open our home to our grandchildren and to other students as well. And that's how we met Lily and Emily. They came in as three and four year old adorable little terrors.

Within a week they had changed, and friends were asking what had happened. They learned about Jesus and how he died and rose again for them. Lily wanted to ask Jesus into her heart, and Emily followed her big sister's example. We knew Lily was sincere; we weren't quite so sure about Emily.

Whenever the girls were tempted into some act of disobedience, Lily was always very repentant, tearfully telling Jesus that she had failed to listen to Him and asking Him to help her remember next time. With Emily it was slightly different. If I asked her if she had forgotten to listen to Jesus, her answer would be, "um, I think He is sleeping," or "He went on a holiday." She always had an answer but it was not quite what I was after.

We taught them new songs every week, and one song in particular touched Lily's sensitive nature.

"All I want to do is love Him,
So glad I feel His love for me.
Jesus paid the price of redemption,
On the cross of Calvary.
And every day my heart will praise Him.
I know I'll never be the same.
All I want to do is love Him, Love His holy name."

She would sing it all the time, and as she sang there would be tears in her eyes.

Emily liked the song, too, and loved to sing it, but her version was slightly different,
especially the third and fourth lines.

"Jesus paid the price of retention,
On the cross of calories,"

I knew little Emily just wasn't getting it. But Jesus cares about little three year olds. He knows how to reach them where they are at. Emily had a night light that went on every evening when she went to bed. But the night light broke and couldn't be fixed. Her daddy tried everything he could to fix it, but it just wouldn't work. And every night Emily cried for her night light.

One night as they were going through the same scene of her crying and Daddy trying to explain that he couldn't fix it, Emily thought of a new idea. "Well if you can't fix it, I'll just ask Jesus and He'll fix my night light."
Daddy was not a believer, but he was glad to shift the impossible task onto other shoulders.

"You do that." he said, leaving the room.

About three minutes later he heard a scream, and Emily came bouncing into the room. "Daddy, come quick! Jesus fixed my night light!" Emily's night light was shining brightly! And never again did Emily think Jesus was gone away or sleeping on the job. She loved Jesus and wanted to please Him because Jesus had come to her world right when she needed and called on Him.

Emily and Lily are no longer living near us. They may not be in a Christian environment. They may be straying, but God knows where they are. He still knows how to reach them, and I am believing that He will.

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Comment by Carol Flett on April 16, 2010 at 1:48pm
You just never know how those seeds will affect them in the years to come.
Comment by Janice Lynette Driggers on April 16, 2010 at 12:02pm
Hi Carol, thought I would share the story that came to me when I was reading yours. We met a young woman who had became homeless during a separation from her husband years ago. Some friends of ours had a ministry for displaced young women and their young children. We met her at a baby shower event at this ministry. Then one night we noticed her walking in the dark with 3 young children after church where she and my family attended; she had moved out of the ministry home into an apartment. We picked her up and carried them to their apartment. That began a friendship. The children were contually stressed due to anger from their mother. The youngest baby (was about 10 months at the time) would get hives and the other two were about 3 and 4. (baby a boy, 3 yr. old a girl; 4 yr. old a boy) They were fun-loving kids and not extremely hard to manage. I offered care-giving while this young woman worked through her anger. The children would stay with us for sometimes a week at a time. The baby's hives would clear up, then would come back again when he went back to his mother. I bought a back yard pool for them and used it as an incentive to work before play. They would wash dishes, sweep, and mop, pick up pine cones, etc. The children did real well when they were here. The 3 yr. old girl would always ask for the same thing my children wanted to eat, however wouldn't finish eating it but waste it. One particular day I told her that she could not leave the table until she ate it, because it was not good to waste food like that. She stayed at the table for 3 hours! But, finally she ate it and we all rejoiced that day. Seeds were sown in their lives. We still have contact with their mother; the children are grown now, the older boy joined the military and has children of his own. Not sure about the other two. I still claim God's promises over the seeds that were sown.
Comment by Carol Flett on April 15, 2010 at 5:02pm
I'd love to hear it.
Comment by Janice Lynette Driggers on April 15, 2010 at 4:51pm
Beautiful testimony Carol, thanks so much:) Reminds me of a story when I was care-giving some little ones; don't have time right now, but will try to remember to relay it to you later.

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