Recently I read the book Two Wars, the autobiography of a US Ranger by the name of Nate Self. All I can say is – wow, what a great book!

It is the story of a young Christian man who is committed to serving his country in the army. He survives the rigorous Ranger training program and becomes the captain of a Ranger platoon. This platoon is deployed to Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11 and is called upon to rescue US soldiers whose helicopter had crashed in the Afghan mountains. The b

What ensues chills the blood. The Chinook in which Self’s platoon is flying is shot down and lands right on top of an Al Qaeda bunker. Self and his injured platoon spend the next twenty four hours fighting for their lives under heavy enemy fire. Self is forced to watch men under his command die as he is engaged in battle.

Eventually Self and his platoon are rescued. The impact on Self is almost immediate –something inside him has irrevocably changed.

Two Wars is about the incredible story of Lieutenant Self’s bravery and sacrifice in the Afghan mountains, and it is also about the war in his mind - Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It is also a story about the resilience and courage of his wife, Julie who sends one husband off to war and welcomes home a different one upon his return. It is only their unshakable faith and trust in God that keeps their family together.

The book impressed upon me the bravery and sacrifices our armed services and their families make on behalf of our freedom. Lieutenant Self and his wife Julie are extraordinary people who attest their recovery to their faith in God.

It’s a must read, particularly if you have loved ones in the military.

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