Abortion - A Sacrifice to the God of Self!

   How do they get this name "god of self." Because they decide "right" and "wrong." Something only God can do (if it is to be objective anyway). They are God, they are playing God. Ravi Zacharias argued that people would complain if out of 5 people in an accident only 1 or 2 survive they would question why God chose those 1 or 2 and let the others die. They then call God immoral for letting this happen. Yet then they go off and make a rule that says it's okay to kill a child in the womb. When they do this it is called empowering women. So when God plays God - He is immoral. But when humanity plays God - they are moral and empowering women.

   So then, how do they get this "self" added to the title? It is simple, if they are the god then *they* get to decide right and wrong themselves. Also, abortion is nothing more than a selfish act, listen to the words of women who have them done: "I can't take care of it! I can't support it! I never wanted it!" Notice how revealing the last statement is? This is selfish of them. They aren't thinking about the child - a human being - when they want to murder it just because they can't support it. First, if they kept their clothes on it wouldn't have happened. If they can't support it, then they need to give it to someone who can and can't have children on their own.

   What about cases like rape or incest? Well, why would you punish the child for the crime of the father? If you can't support it, again give it to someone who can. There are plenty of couples out there who wants children but can't have them themselves. What about if the child has a disease like Down's syndrome? So you think we should just mercilessly murder the child because he/she has a disease. This argument is also the result of selfishness. You just don't want the child so in your defense, you think you should kill it because it won't "be able to function in life" or it will just "suffer." How selfish, what did the child do to deserve death? Especially when you won't even give him/her a chance. If you truly want to show you aren't thinking about yourself (for those thinking this). Then help the child, don't kill him/her because you don't want to deal with possible medical expenses or embarrassments in public. You're only thinking of yourself - not the child, saying in your heart "I don't want to handle this child, it's too much work for me I just can't deal with it."

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