Can we determine the age of the universe by the measured speed of light?  Do we know if the speed of light in space is the same as the speed of light in our atmosphere?  Could light be instantaneous in space or close to infinite?  It seems that the theory of relativity would say that light ages very little if any because of its velocity.

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Comment by Lou Hamby on August 27, 2013 at 2:14pm

Dr. Douglas, I'm just simple country boy... nothing outside of what  I said implied anything but what the bible implies.  There is no reference to the age of the universe???  The age of our created earth is young and this is one reason I am a YEC.  We both agree on that. In Gods paradigm, there is no problem with any law of nature that he set into motion, but there is every problem in the world trying to delineate the truth in a finite system which we can't even see across and having finite minds.  

So I don't think we have a clue one way or the other....  But if you accept the beginning as all at one time I certainly get your drift, but I don't have that view.  The "time" between actual universe creation and the place the sun the stars and the moon found their orbits and such is some amount of time, how much I have no clue, seconds, minutes, days, years who knows??? But as long as you have energy, matter and space you have time...  Since man with his best tools cannot see the full expanse of the universe, how can we make sure statements???

So I am not clear myself at any place with the Scriptures that I can have any sort of firm idea as to what God actually did???  I certainly know that from the time of earths creation on, we can have fair idea about that, and the Genesis narratives speaks to that and I believe we both agree on that.  But before the earth was without form and void, I have no clue what God did, or what transpired before God started his six day creation of earth.....thats all we can look at, and thats why I am a YEC..

Comment by Douglas Roy on August 27, 2013 at 12:03pm

One can determine the age of the universe by simply reading Genesis and doing a bit of math regarding the generations. The universe is less than 6,000 years old. Neither was light speed a factor in the Creation as God made light on day one from a source far out in the universe, yet whose light fell upon the earth that very day. In a divinely created universe by a God whose power is supernatural, one cannot use the natural laws when attempting to discover the beginning. God is true and cannot lie. Everything was done as He said.

Comment by Lou Hamby on August 3, 2013 at 8:34am

Cosmology is not one of my strong points...but if light travels from A to B, this inculcates some form of time between the two.  Since we can't see but a small part of the Universe in the first place how can we at all come to some conclusion on age?  With what we know so far it seems untenable to believe the Universe has a specific age we can pinpoint.  

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