Politicians lie.  Pretty much everyone knows that. Why? Because we let them. We expect it – even to the point of making it a job requirement. We do not hold our leaders accountable for the promises they make or for the actions they take, and they know it. Elections today aren’t won on issues, but rather who talks the best smack about their opponent.

I heard on television today that this is the twentieth anniversary of the movie “A Few Good Men.”  The commercial showed the courtroom scene where Col. Jessup yells “The truth! You can’t handle the truth!”  I started thinking about that. Can we handle the truth? I think it would be more accurate to say that we don’t want to hear the truth.  We want to hear, “I’m okay, you’re okay and everyone else would be okay if they just let us be.” But is that the truth?  NO!

The truth is I am not okay. You are not okay. And, ironically, we both know it. As a matter of fact, we are so far from okay that we cannot get back there on our own. Our only hope of getting back to okay is with the help of Jesus Christ. Through Him, I am okay. On my own, not even close. That is truth.

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