Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Review

Having a hard time finding books that are highly educational, fun and teach about God? Let me tell you about a great book I have found for children called Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure. Here's a little bit about it...

One adventurous monkey--Charlie.

One wise dinosaur--Trike.

Together they go on a wild adventure through the Grand Canyon.

They learn how the Grand Canyon came to be---through Noah's Flood and they find example after example of overwhelming evidence all around him to prove it and along the track find themselves battling dangers such as wild snakes and dangerous waters. Charlie does his best to understand it all as Trike explains it all and the importance of trusting the Bible. He comes to a conclusion that will change his life forever.

This large, quality hardcover book for ages 4-8 that is written by Ken Ham (with Karen Hansel) of Answers In Genesis, takes a wonderful indepth look at the glories of God's Grand Canyon and is truly a wonderful addition to your child's library. Not just for the educational or God factor---but also because there is also a wonderful surprise in it. On the outside this looks like a regular book but on the inside there you find a wonderful array of notables:
  • informative mini books with crisp glossy images
  • fun fold up flap page
  • easy open flaps map
  • beautiful illustrations
  • cute eye-catching sketches
  • a fold out poster of Charlie and Trike to hang on your child's wall
  • envelope enclosed style message
This book reminds me of the fun lapbooks we love to create in our homeschool---only now we have it in long-lasting book form as the pages are highly durable and made to stand up to small children. What a treat!

Books that are wholesome, educational, fun and teach about the Bible are hard to come by--I highly recommend this new book to parents everywhere! You may view a video of the book here.

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