Actually my we are sending our Grandchildren to a private Christian school. I was heartbroken when our oldest grandson began arguing with his father about evolution after attending 3 months of public Kindergarten 2 years ago.

My son (his dad) is a strong creation scientist and a science teacher in the public school system! If he was already challenging his father so strongly - what would the future bring! My husband and I made a committment to pay the tuition for school at VBA where they teach the truth - if GOD would just supply the transportation. They live 30 minutes away and have only one car.

Last year, GOD faithfully provided the transportation. A family moved in close to them who had 3 kids attending VBA. They were willing to exchange transportation for some flexible 'Kidsitting' on my part. This arrangement left my daugher-in-law free to care for our younger grandson, our little 18 month old princess and the new baby boy who arrived shortly after school begain. GOD has truly blessed us in all ways!

This year the family who helped transport our grandson to school has moved, and his younger brother will be attending school as well. We have no clue how GOD is going to work out the transportation for them this time . . . Even so, we know that GOD is faithful and will provide for His children when they are sacrifice worldly goals in order to do His will. It will be to His glory alone when this need is met.

It has been such a blessing to see the difference a year of Christian school has made in my 1st grandson. He now focuses everyday on True Science and is not confused by conflicting information from teachers at his young age. His behaviour is also greatly improved, and his attitude toward his parents and all adults is more respectful. Although it was a struggle to catch up to his classmates, who mostly benefited from the Kindergarten curriculum (which is more difficult than the public school), he was successful and is now looking forward to 2nd grade.

I am a retired public school teacher and have been told time and time again by parents that the kids believe what I say when it seems to conflict with what they say at home. "No Mom, my teacher says ...." Several times, I have had to reassure kids that I am on the 'same page' as their parents when they have misunderstood a comment I made in class.

I can't wait to see what the LORD will do this year with our boys.

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