Christianity and Evolution: Impossible Doublethink?

I have often wondered, perhaps as many have, if a person can be both an evolutionist and a Christian.  When I say Christian I mean a person who believes that Christ is the Son of God and He alone is their salvation.  Also when I say evolution I mean the entire 14.5 billion year theory, molecules to man, apes to humans, dust to stars - the entirety of evolution.  I am not meaning, by evolution, the simple adaptation of bacteria to eat nylon, or the shortening of a certain birds beak over generations.  That is adaptation.  Just for clarification.


Doublethink. This is an Orwellian term coined in the book 1984.  It is defined as : "The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." - Orwell.  


For Evolution and Christianity are contradictory in almost every sense.  Starting with the Scripture.  If one is a Christian the Bible was the method of notification about Christ.  It was taken as fact in order to become Christian.  You cannot believe Christ is the Son of God, but then fail to believe The Scripture that says it is so.  Furthermore, if just the Gospels were isolated (Matt, Mark, Luke, John) Christ speaks of Noah, Moses, The Flood, and Creation.  He links his Deity and his credibility to those histories.  If they are false, he is also false - for he is no God.

Christians believe Christ by the very definition.  As such they must disavow information which is in-congruent with the words of Christ and by means of delivery, the Bible. This destroys theistic evolution soundly.  Unless one intends to make up a god to go along with evolution.  The God of the Bible simply leaves no room for it.  

Evolutionists have no need for Christ.  Christ is foolishness to them.  Sin? Creation?  Repentance?  We are all apes with speech ability.  Agree for a moment with that - and see how foolish this Christianity thing then becomes.  Religion as a whole becomes a waste of precious time.   For evolutionists - Christianity is a waste of time.  Dreams and fairy tales used a security blanket to stave off knowledge of our own mortality.  

For Christians - evolution is dangerous.  Doubt as to who is the Creator and whether or not He is watching you or caring about you is a invitation for a slowly diminishing walk with Christ. What you believe affects what you do. How you act.  How you talk.  How you conduct yourself.  Unlike the evolutionist - we know there is a standard.   We know who wrote it and we know the penalty.  We have wagered our soul on the veracity of the promises of an Eternal God.

Christians do not dither with evolution.  There is a growing Creation movement that has sprouted in recent years and has filled out much of what used to be "God did it!" and simply left to that.   Study and show yourself approved, both in and out of Scripture.


Evolutionists - stop.  Why are you debating to begin with?  Why care you what we fellow apes believe?  What matter is it to you?  How can you argue we are in error?  How is that error even an error?  By what right do you invoke judgment over us?  Does one lion judge another?  How then can another ape?   Any ideal of morality is merely your opinion and has no bearing over any other man, woman, or child.   You have no right to tell another not to murder or kill or steal or loot - let alone tell them they are incorrect about a man(who was also God) who lived 2000 years ago.   For those are your opinions and unless you are claiming to be God - your opinions hold no sway over other people.  Check your logic circuitry on your accidental evolved brain.   Seek Christ.  

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Comment by Adam J. Benton on October 11, 2011 at 11:10am

If one simply leaves the definition of "Christian" as" one who believes that Christ is the Son of God and He alone is their salvation" then there is no doublethink as its the additional beliefs - i.e. a complete acceptance of the Bible - which introduce the contradictory ideas. The question thus becomes whether those other concepts are a necessary part of Christianity and that's a question which has been pondered by many for years.


Until a universally accepted answer arises then blanket statements about the nature of Christianity are moot since the nature of Christianity isn't known. So one must take it on a case by case basis; discover what the other believes then decide if it contains doublethink.

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