Creation happened by the word of the Creator, not by any natural means.

“By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth” (Psalm 33:6).

Today so many discuss the creation of God in terms of biology or geology and are involved in great detail and minutia. They think that somehow they are helping the "cause" by their continued and countless hours of discussion and study. But what is the true "cause" which men are to be devoted to? Is it not the gospel of Jesus Christ? And in that gospel, the creation of God is made known in great detail and who the Creator really is, is make known to all men. That Creator is the Lord Jesus Christ. He made the worlds, the stars, the vast unsearchable heavens, and he made every living creature by his word. He spoke and it came to be. The word of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the source of power that made all things.

We can clearly see his handiwork as we study his creation. God reveals his mighty power to men and his "Godhead." But the purpose of this revelation is that men might fall down and worship the Creator, not reverence other men who simply talk about his power or discuss his mighty deeds. When we lose sight of the gospel in which is found the story of the creation and the knowledge of who this mighty Creator really is, we lose the reason and purpose for man: to be His witnesses: to be born again! Witnesses to the mighty power of Christ working within us, working in us, freeing us from sin, self, and Satan and the world's evil influences. Making us into the image of His dear Son, filling us with His Spirit, His love and peace. Giving us power to be His witnesses, to explain the salvation story, the work of redemption, His healing power, His resurrection, His atonement, His forgiveness available to all who call upon Him. And also to explain how the current, modern "gospels" being preached are NOT the true gospel of our Lord Jesus. Neither do the current churches obey Him or know Him. They are religious clubs, culling out their own disciples for their own temporal purposes, which are evil: to glory in the flesh.

The truth of the gospel, its power to bring salvation to every one that believes, is from the same One who spoke the worlds into existence. It is His message and it is being neglected and lost by this generation of religious hypocrites who worship and serve the creature, more than the Creator.

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Comment by john t kennedy on September 16, 2014 at 3:58pm

hi Douglas

i agree the MOL is real, but not an individual,but a composite body called the anti-Chist and he will persecute the holy ones Daniel 7:24,25

i also agree that a time when an empowered Gospel will be preached rev 10 v 11 and rev 11:3,4,5,6

with regard to false religion preaching false gospels, Christ told his disciples a parable about the wheat and the weeds, and explained that the weeds were the sons of the wicked one who sowed them among the good seeds that  Christ himself sowed and how at the harvest these would be separated. Matthew 13:24-43

so i think we are in general agreement about these things and with regard to Romans 10:9 it is clear that the belief required must come from the heart, and not just a proclamation from the mouth before crowds of people, but with the inner spirit that connects with the Spirit of God Romans 8:14,15,16

John, the man of lawlessness is a real man, not just false doctrines. He will exalt himself as God in the temple of God. This is the "abomination that makes desolate." This "anti-Christ" will rule the world and murder millions who will not take his mark to buy and sell. Most of those killed will be Christians, but they will not be the "breed" of believers that we see to day. Before those very last days, there will be a world wide revival as true men of God preach the everlasting gospel like it was preached by Christ and the apostles, with great power. Today we have false gospels preached all over the world, deceiving millions. This is not to say there won't continue to by many false prophets in those days, too, but the true gospel will be proclaimed and "you will be hated by all men from every nation."

The secular science and false Christianity are definitely part of this anti-Christ movement that is already in the world and has been since the time of Christ. It will get worse.

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 15, 2014 at 10:30am

Lou, you think I don't have compassion, but consider how much time I've spent with you. I am not sure whether you are a Christian or not, but I know you have been deceived by the churches and you don't know the word of God as well as you think. You are not grounded in the truth and are but a babe if you are a Christian. I don't believe in the false evangelism of the modern churches, nor do I believe that becoming a Christian is a one and done thing. The way to Christ is a narrow one, the gate is strait and the way is narrow after going through the gate. Following Jesus is a lifelong adventure. Many start and don't finish. Were they saved? Not saved? What matters is that they are no longer following Jesus and have gone astray or they are continuing on the way. Only "he that endures to the end shall be saved." I don't think you are having this conversation with me for no good reason. You think your are trying to help me, but you don't recognize the very thing I am showing you, compassion. Like so many you have been led astray by the modern church. You are disoriented. I'm trying to point you to the Savior, who alone can help you. He has the answers, the wisdom, the strength, the truth you need, not the church. Look to Him. Come to Him.

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 15, 2014 at 10:18am

You put way too much stock in church, Lou, and not enough stock in Jesus. Look at the prophets in the Old Testament. Look at Isaiah and Jeremiah. Did they have great fellowship with congregations of Israelites who loved God? They did not. Hardly anyone believed like them and followed the Lord as they did in their day, yet they were the true prophets of God. The congregations of Jews were wicked and corrupted with compromise. Look at Elijah the prophet. In his day, pagan worship had enveloped Israel, led by the King and Queen. Did he have anyone but the Lord God to lean on?  I think not. The Lord knew 7,000 out of the millions of Israelites that had not bowed the knee to Baal. But Elijah didn't know hardly any of them and he knew no other prophet.

You admit that you are having a hard time with churches right now. It is no wonder, considering the state of most of them, fallen away from the true gospel and worshiping their churches more than their Creator.

You say the " the "Power of God" in the earth. That is not scriptural, Lou.  The "gospel is the power of God unto salvation." The gospel is the word of God as preached by Christ and the apostles. In God's word is the power to save, not in the church, and therein is your problem, looking to church and men, rather than to Christ alone as your Lord and Master. But the modern church is NOT the bride of Christ. The true members of His body are scattered and divided and few reside within modern churches. Those that do have fallen from grace and are backslidden and in a dangerous state. Why? They have not been wary as Jesus warned them to be, but have been taken in and deceived by false prophets. They are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine...You simply do not recognize true Christians from the false. You have been duped, thus you oppose me, a true Christian, while embracing false ones.

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 15, 2014 at 10:05am

Lou, in regards to sending people to a church, I cannot do that, unless it is the one I attend, which I know to have a true man of God for a pastor and it is not a denominational group. But there is no church denomination I know that preaches the gospel in this United States. Let me turn it around on you. Which church would you send someone to to find the Savior?  That is what I was thinking of. Which church would you send people to to be strengthened and grow in the Lord?

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 15, 2014 at 10:01am

Lou said, "The bible says no man says that Jesus is Lord but by His Spirit. You reject that." 

I do not reject any part of the scripture, only a wrong interpretation of it. James tells us that even the devils believe in God and tremble. Demons cried out confessing that Jesus was "the Son of God, the Holy One of Israel." So the scripture cannot mean that simply mouthing the words, "Jesus is Lord," makes one a Christian. Did not the Lord tell us that many will call him "Lord" in the day of Judgment, but he will profess to them, "I never knew you." Just saying, "Jesus is Lord" is not enough, so the writer is saying that when a person truly, from the heart confesses the Lord Jesus, and has the fruit of a Christian, it is by the Holy Ghost. The context of all theses scriptures show us that there are hypocrites, false Christians, who say the same thing, even false prophets who proclaim Jesus as Lord. Jesus warned us to beware of false prophets who come in sheep's clothing, but are really hungry wolves. We cannot be so naive to think that people cannot be fooled by false prophets and false gospels.  Is what I am saying not scriptural?

Comment by Lou Hamby on September 15, 2014 at 9:26am

Brother Douglas,

again don't no how to respond that.  LIsten I get what your saying, and you define a certain "biblical methodology", for salvation.  What bothers me brother is that how can "you" define" the intent of peoples hearts before God. I guess I say Douglas that the sinners prayer is often the first step in someone coming to know Christ in a deeper way.  I know for a fact that alter calls are something that started up 50 years ago, but my sort study on the circuit riders of early America, whole towns closed down and preaching was usually for a day two days or even three.  Preachers preached sometimes for 12 hours at a time.  People fell down on their faces and openly confessed their sins before others.  Manifestations of the gifts took place, and prophetic utterances also happened.  So I know the methodology of Christianity has turned over and over from the first century until our modern times.  Douglas  not saying its all perfect. Salvation is a work of GOd and not a work of man...  

I only imply Douglas that I know many. many, people that were saved under a method you would not propose as acceptable.  Their first contact with Christ and the church was through such ideas and church methods.  I only know that these people that "I" know went on in their expressions, followship, and adoration of Christ because of the Spirit of God.  The bible says no man says that Jesus is Lord but by His Spirit. You reject that.

I again can't understand why there is no respectable church.  Here are a few things that I believe are wrong with this statement:

"Lou, I would not send anyone to a church, but directly to the Lord Jesus. He alone can save you, not any man or denomination. Jesus said, "Come unto me..." Never does he tell people to go to church to get saved."

We are told to fellowship with one another, do you believe this scripture?.  On the first day of the week they came together and broke bread.  While salvation can take place anywhere GOD so deems, the church is the bride of Christ.  The church is in the world but not of the world. "I leave you the comforter"  (the CHurch and the body of Christ) not everyone that says Lord is right before God. Paul preached in Lydia's house the first church of Europe. The church plays a very important role in GOds development of the gospel...  So on one hand you would not send them to church?  This sounds counter to Scripture, if the Church is bride of Christ then where do you send them to be strengthened and learn? 

You said, "When a person responds to a false gospel",   

How can you know that any church teaches a "false gospel", you very much have judged the intent of the heart of the pastors across America, you have set yourself up as a lone wolf amongst fellow believers who try and rectify the truth of GODs Word, as your not the only one that has GODs Word, yet you cannot send a potential contact to a church with any sense of faith that they will receive the gospel, the Holy Spirit, Redemption, Salvation?  Who has this Authority Doug.  Isn't it the church my brother?  

Are you the only man in America who knows the right "formula" to lead someone to Christ? 

Douglas I know your experience with churches by your own words had not been good.  That root of bitterness brother is going to keep you from bringing thousands to the knowledge of Christ.  I get your passion brother and that is most admirable, but your misplaced reverence for methodology over GODs Work of the Spirit bothers me, in that you have no problem even not knowing what is being preached in condemning churches across America, and Preachers as false teachers, and certain approaches or methodologies as unfit for the Kingdom.  If GOD used a Donkey to speak to a man, how can we say that in these last days that GOD is not active and alive. Something is very heretical about a Christian that has no reverence about the church of Christ, His bride, shouldn't you brother be concerned about your relationship to fellow believers and the church of Jesus Christ.  Doug you cannot send me to a church worthy of the gospel in the US?  Because this is what it sounds like, and there is something wrong with this interpretation which is your own, but the Spirit of GOd does not at all back you up on this view of the church????

Brother is there no concern on your part?  

So since you don't answer "one simple question"  do you not go to a church at all?  I am between churches as I have had a hard time finding a church, so I am not finger pointing.  But I have confidence in many churches, you can't send others to a church? The business of the church was set-up by Christ almighty.  HE died for the church, the called out ones, the believers. Elevation Church is an excellent church, many others.  My point is that salvation is not just a one time thing, it carries on through out our lives because of the power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Something Douglas about your view is right on Biblically, but some of it is very judgmental of the church and others, you assume you know the heart of a mans confession before God because of "methodology", lastly in these days miracles still happen and GOD is on the throne my brother, people are being healed in churches and prayers go up on behalf of those in need,  the greatest force in history my brother socially, spiritually, etc. has been the Church in the world my friend.  You just cannot discount the church my friend. With a little more compassion in your heart born out by GOds revelation and SPirit, I believe your gift could be discipleship.  You know the Scriptures my friend very well but you apply them and seems to want to define Christ's work in the world, and that is something you can not do, you were not given that authority.  Wether He meets a man in a parking lot at Wall Mart, or my good friend Gus in his vehicle with no home and no place to go, or me who was pulled out of a cult and into the light by the power of the Spirit of God, there is no one way for salvation to take place, GOD uses it all my friend.  What you apply to the church for me is shaky and some of it I feel is unBiblical, it is not what the Word says about the church, nor the actions of GOD which cannot be defined by your methodology.  So on one had I adjure you and support the Scriptures which you well know brother...but on the other hand I have a lot of concern that you are anti-church, anti-people that are not "perfect", judgmental about the church, not even having a church you could send someone too with confidence. Brother I know that my words fall on deaf ears because you have already relegated me to hell, so why am I responding to you?  This is the record, I am not perfect, Christianity, the real rubber meets the road Christianity is dirty, you have to get your hands dirty, but the other thing it is not!  This is judgmental to the point that one is confident in calling all confessions as anathema, defining the churches as unable to portend the Gospel in a correct way, discrediting the work of the church in the world, "Legalism" a definition of which you don't seem to see yourself in the same sense that the Jewish leaders of Jesus time, I am concerned for your message Doug, because I easily see a lack of compassion on your behalf for the church and believers in general.  

I think we butt heads brother, I know you see me as a hell bound sinner, and I see you as a believer in Christ, that you cannot accept my confession that I am a believer a practicing believer in Christ, you want to know my "method" of salvation, from there you feel confident to condemn the preacher, condemn my confession, condemn the inability of that church to articulate the gospel, condemn the work of that church in the world.  Why brother?  Let the God of all Salvation be free to illicit the Spirit in the context of redemption however he most sees fit. So while I have not at all been as loving as my words may not portray, my one prayer on your behalf is that GOd would open your heart to having compassion on others, on the church, and allow in your own heart for the Power of Gods Spirit to work in abstract ways should that be HIs desire.  Doug its not about you and me, its about Him, and Jesus said the fields are white for the Harvest.  The church my friend is the "Power of God" in the earth and the ambassador and evidence of God in this world today...The church is HIs bride, and you should be carful as to how you employ your views to the Bride of Christ brother.  Never get a groom peed off about his bride, because wrath will certainly come your way.... I ask you to evaluate your view of GODs church in the world. 

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 14, 2014 at 7:04pm

The gospel message is the power of God unto salvation, but it is not that simple. Is it simple for a wretched sinner whose nature is bent to do evil to all of a sudden be born again and made a new creature in Christ? No, it takes the mighty power of God and it is not simple to understand, nor is it simple to receive. One cannot keep their sins and old life and be born again just because they "decide" they want it. They must come to Jesus. The Holy Spirit must help them to repent and recognize they will never be good enough on their own to go to heaven and all their works won't help them, only what Jesus did for them.

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 14, 2014 at 7:00pm

Neither do men tell seekers to count the cost, to explain how they will suffer if they follow Jesus and be persecuted for his name's sake. They don't teach the commitment Christ taught: everything, even giving up your life. Thus, the label: easy believism.

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 14, 2014 at 6:57pm

I know you think, Lou, that I am splitting hairs, but false doctrines are very tricky. The sinner's prayer doctrine cannot replace true repentance. Especially when it is taught that this prayer is the way for a sinner to get saved. Does this prayer save a person if they say it? NO! It is Jesus Christ who must save the sinner. It is He that men must come to to be saved, no deed or prayer they do can save them. The teaching of the sinner's prayer is law. It has become a work men do to be saved. It is false.

When a person responds to a false gospel that points to the sinner's prayer as the way to "receive Christ," they have believed a lie about Jesus. Jesus is the way. One must come directly to him. He is the offended king who alone can forgive our sins and who alone can cleanse us with his own blood.  Today, preachers are like salesmen, trying to persuade people to come to an altar to be saved. It is false. They should be telling men to repent and pointing out their sins and how they will be judged by Christ if they don't fall before him now and beg for mercy. They should be teaching who Christ is and what the cross really means and why Christ had to suffer. They should be exposing the sins of the church and the hypocrisy of a doctrine that says you can just say some words and become a Christian without a gut wrenching repentance, facing your sins and failures and the judgment coming upon the world for sin. Instead, they soft peddle an easy believism and actually reject Christ themselves, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men...thereby their worship, their altar calls, their sinner's prayers are vain.

Comment by Douglas Roy on September 14, 2014 at 6:43pm

Lou, I would not send anyone to a church, but directly to the Lord Jesus. He alone can save you, not any man or denomination. Jesus said, "Come unto me..." Never does he tell people to go to church to get saved. That is simple false, but it's what people think they must do today. Why? Because that is what preachers and denominations are telling them. They are NOT pointing men to Jesus.

You say that some who come to the altar are sincere, but it is only through the preaching of the true gospel that men are saved, not false versions. So those that teach you need to come forward to an altar to find Jesus are telling them to do something or go somewhere contrary to what Paul tells us in Romans 10:6-7: "Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:) 7 Or, Who shall descend into the deep? (that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.)" Couldn't we also say, "Say not that we need to go to the altar or some special place of prayer." Because the word of the gospel is right there in your mouth, your heart, your mind. If you've just heard the true gospel, you can repent where you sit or stand or in any location. You can come to Christ without doing anything or any work whatsoever. Neither is coming to an altar mean you are actually coming to Christ in your heart. That is why the Apostle Paul teaches this and says in another place, "the preaching of the gospel is to them that perish, foolishness, but unto us which are saved, it is the power of God unto salvation..." When Paul, Peter, and others preached, there was no altar call. The power of God is in the words being preached. These words of God, the gospel, are the power of God. By responding to them and calling upon the name of the Lord, you can be saved. Moving your body from point a to point b will not save you. Repenting in your heart and calling upon the Lord Jesus is the way to be saved.

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