Why don’t Christians consider the creation account in Genesis to be a literal record of creation?

A plain reading of the first chapter of Genesis clearly says that the universe, and all that is in it, was created in six days. Why don’t we believe that? Is it because we don’t believe God is powerful enough to have done it that way? Are we limiting God?

Is it because secular scientists have said that evolution is a fact and, therefore, science has proven that it took much longer than six literal days for our universe to come into existence? Scientists also say that a man cannot be resurrected from the dead after three days. Should we not believe that Jesus rose from the grave just because scientists say that it can’t happen? Then why do we let scientists sway us from believing the clear record of creation found in Genesis?

The ‘proof’ of evolution is based on so many unprovable assumptions that the Christian who takes the Genesis account of creation to be factual should not be intimidated in the least by such ‘proof’. After all, the theory of evolution is an attempt to explain creation (and, by implication, everything else) without God. Many times we Christians are so intimidated by the supposed facts of evolution (which teachings many of us were hammered with from early in our public school education) that we think believing in a literal six day creation shows that we are ignorant, un-scientific, un-educated, or simple. However, having researched this issue for many years now, I can say with confidence that creation scientists have a solid grasp on the possibility (probability) that evolution is not the only viable scenario for explaining our existence.

We Christians should not be ashamed or fearful to put our complete trust in God’s Word…in whatever subject it addresses. Will we be found following God’s Word or man’s word?

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Comment by Robert Driskell on August 8, 2018 at 7:38am


I completely agree with you.  I don't understand how a discipline that is supposed to be research oriented will reject certain possibilities BEFORE any research has been done.  Secular science BEGINS with the presupposition that God either had nothing to do with anything or He doesn't even exist.  Only then do they consider other possibilities.  Sad that, by doing this, they may be cutting themselves off from eternal life.  Thanks for commenting. God bless you!!!

Yours in Christ,


Comment by Mel Kirk on August 7, 2018 at 10:42pm

Science has been redefined to exclude the supernatural.  By redefining it, the answer to everything is predetermined.  This is how the evolutionists work.  True science is to lay everything (including the possibility of the supernatural) out on the table and examine all of the evidence before reaching a conclusion.  Once this is done, the literal statements in the Bible are more easily believed.

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