Next Sunday, February 12th, is international Darwin Day.  Websites and museums are excited about this time to celebrate Charles Darwin's birthday, his life, his work, his ideas.  Events are being planned, such as screenings of shows like "Where Did We Come From", special exhibits designed to show children how bird beaks adapt and prove evolution, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  Can there be a more fun time for humanists?

Strangely, humanists don't get this excited about the Lord's birthday, celebrated on December 25th.  Most museums don't have special exhibits explaining the life and times of Jesus, much less His ideas and works.  In fact, they get really upset that people want to celebrate it.  Billboards, Television shows, and so on proclaim how silly and bad it is to celebrate Jesus.  Maybe they're just jealous because everybody knows when Christmas is, but not when Darwin Day is.

What will Christians be doing on Darwin Day?  Hopefully we'll be worshipping the God Darwin rejected, studying the world that God created, and helping others understand the information we've been blessed with.  Most importantly, we can pray for the misguided evolutionists to see the Truth before it's too late.

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Comment by David Thomas Posey on April 28, 2012 at 7:47pm

Nice website!

Comment by Tony Breeden on April 26, 2012 at 1:35pm

I can't believe that I missed this post somehow.

For the past several years atheist Dr Michael Zimmerman and the clergy who signed his pro-evolution Clergy Letter have been celebrating Evolution Sunday each year on the Sunday nearest Darwin's birthday, preaching evolution from our very pulpits! We want to encourage all Bible-affirming Christians out there to celebrate a Creation Sunday on this date rather than Zimmerman's Evolution Sunday. Next year's Creation Sunday is set for Feb 10, 2013. More details will be available at

Comment by Keith Deschler on March 1, 2012 at 9:44am

WE were studying creation according to Genesis 1 in our bible Class. Helping me with some of my own misconceptions about OEC and if it 's compatible with the plain sense of Biblical historical narrative (thats a clear "ABER NICHT", as CFW Walther would have said to his seminary students at Concordia in St Louis back in the 19th century). Wish we had declared Sunday Feb. 12 as a "Creation Sunday", but the readings were more on the Epiphany themes, and we normally stick to what the lectionary passages are for each Sunday in the Church Year. I wince at what those "evolutionist" sermons were like in those liberal churches that observed "Evolution Sunday". How they could do that to the clear witness of Scripture, and its summation in the historic creeds recited by all after the Sermon, is beyond me. Glad I'm out of that liberal framework of church structure and practice, and am now in a parish and church synod that practices what it preaches, and believes what they claim to believe as Biblical and divinely inspired truth.

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