Do Your Genes Determine Your Morality?

A recent press release from the University of Edinburgh (Sotland) announced that Psychologist Timothy Bates had completed a study of 800 sets of human twins of about 50 years old or more.  The study consisted of questionnaires filled out by the twins along with an assessment and comparisons of their environmental upbringing.  The ground-breaking conclusion was “Genes play a greater role in forming character traits than was previously thought, new research suggests” (1).  

Wow, what a revelation - human personality is related to genetics!  Oh my gosh, thank goodness this psychologist, now a self-proclaimed genetics expert, has just told us something that we had already known since before the genomics era even began.  And to validate his amazing discovery, does he quote recent research to support this incredible find, no, he cites the ancient pagan greek culture as already previously knowing this wonderful discovery.  Now there’s some serious science.

Of course, any acknowledgment of how morality could be related to God and the bible was carefully avoided.   

The fact of the matter is, that this is just more mindless propaganda from the amoral humanist technocrats to an already dumbed down public that doesn’t know any better.  What’s even worse, is the potential immoral applications of this quack science which are quite disturbing.  One only needs to review the eugenics efforts of the so-called academic experts in the early 20th century to realize where this could be taken.  Apparently, having to reduce the worlds population drastically to “save the earth” isn’t enough. Now the academic establishment are trying to revive the “bad gene pool” paradigm which ultimately met it’s highest level of expression in the Nazi german police-state.  In fact, some people believe, with good reason, that minus the full-scale wide open eugenics, we may already be very close to repeating history again - only on a global scale.

Another amazing feature of this story, is that the University of Edinburgh shot this tabloid level press release over the wires for all the news agencies to pick up, but did not indicate wether the researchers of the study had even published their results in a peer-reviewed journal.  If this quackery did get published, I would love to see a citation and read the actual research. For all my web searching efforts, I could not find a professional publication of the data - perhaps it is still forthcoming.  

Another noteworthy feature of this rather tabloid-style news release, is that the announced list of authors (researchers) did not include a single legitimate geneticist, even though the study is touted as genetics research.  Maybe that’s why it’s not actually published yet.  

1) Genes make for a life of success. May 16, 2012. The University of Edingburgh - News and Events.

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