Dr. Carl Werner, author of Evolution: The Grand Experiment, is hosting a Q & A in the Ask the Expert forum of the community. Recently, Norman from Indonesia asked the following question: “Does metamorphosis that happens in frogs or butterflies prove evolution?”

Werner replies:

“I see metamorphosis as evidence of creation, not evolution and let me explain. I could watch a caterpillar all day I suppose. It is marvelous to see a caterpillar become a butterfly, or a tadpole become a frog. Such wild change, from one beautiful form of life to another. But metamorphosis is NOT evolution because the caterpillar and the butterfly are the same species. In fact they are the same animal. The animal did not change its DNA. Instead, God made an animal with the DNA for two completely different animal types into one animal. Go God! Same with the tadpole and frog. Evolution says one animal changed into another completely different type of animal over millions of years but metamorphosis is over days. WOW. So the next time you see a caterpillar changing into a butterfly at your local butterfly house, sit back and say wow someone with a very creative mind has made a simply fantastic creature.”

Have your own questions? Post your questions here. Dr. Werner will be answering your questions through March 18th. He will also be presenting a free webinar with the Home School Legal Defense Association on March 29th at 9pm eastern. For more details on this seminar and others, click here for details.

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