Expectations of Creation Conversations (URGENT READ)

I pray this will help better explain what is expected from users at Creation Conversation, future posts and how important it is that we adhere to the standards of this website.

Statement of Faith
The statement of faith is a guideline for the majority of posters and their Biblical belief that are here at Creation Conversation. It is a requirement for new users to agree with the statement of faith and more specifically the 6 literal 24 hour day creation week.

Creation Conversation admins will not approve new members who do not hold to the views therein.

It’s important to note that in Section 3: Origins Truths (bullet 4) in the statement of faith reads:

"The origin of death (both physical and spiritual) and bloodshed occurred subsequent to man’s sin and entered this world as a direct consequence of man’s sin."

It’s also clearly expounded that the core belief of Creation Conversation is a 6,000 year earth.

The reason I’ve specifically listed these two instances is because it has become a topic of both debate and has become somewhat slanderous towards the character of others and bringing in to question the integrity of other posters. This needs to stop.

I invite all users to visit our Rules of Engagement. Specifically the end of the 4th paragraph reads as followed:

“Questions related to the age of the earth are welcomed. Posting old earth theories and representing them as a matter of fact for the purpose of swaying the community is not acceptable.”

You are welcome to disagree and believe alternate views, however, this is not up for debate or discussion. Every user who created an account with Creation Conversations agreed to the terms and conditions of both the Statement of Faith and the Rules of Engagement. It is expected that all users comply.

We do not police, nor do we necessarily enforce the Statement of Faith and the Rules of Engagement to an extreme, however, there have been some instances where one or both of these standards have been questioned or ignored by users in recent posts, and there have been some heated posts questioning the character of others. This has no place within our community and future posts will be deleted or removed.

As mentioned in both ‘constitutions’, questions are welcome. Questions about the statement of faith are expected and encouraged, but we must remember it is highly unlikely we will all agree on everything. If you have questions correlating to these standards, we expect them to be posted, however, no further statements made by users that would in any way deny or try to disprove the satatemtns within these ‘constitutions’ will be tolerated.

If you have come to a conclusion that you don’t agree with those specifics laid out, perhaps this is not the best place to discuss those specific views, and you might find other sites more accepting to those alternate views. This is not an invitation to leave, however, it must be noted that posting ‘facts’ or ‘evidence’ that might seemingly contradict the Statement of Faith and or Rules of Engagement of this site will not be tolerated. It is requested that those views and more specifically those ‘facts’ and ‘evidences’ be withheld from this community. While it is a common practice even in scripture to reason to conclusions, Creation Conversations and the administrators will stand by the Statement of Faith and will not accept nor approve of any doctrine, discussion or posts that contradict these standards, all users must maintain the integrity of this site.

I’ll end with the second to last paragraph found in our Rules of Engagement.

“We do reserve the right to intervene in a conversation, forum, or group that is or has broken the guidelines above. If a member continues to break the guidelines, they will be asked to leave the community as a last resort. Remember, you can talk to members privately if you have a personal issue with them.”

Any questions or comments you are welcome to reach out to me. Thank you

Gary Murray

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