False measurement for speed of light ? Interesting thoughts.

The post about speed of light was very intersting, because I had my favourite lessons in physics at high school , advanced  physic lessons . The last post was about , that the speed of light measurement was wrong. The statement was, "may be the time was needed go reflect the light " . Very interesting innovative thought ! May be 300 000 km /second is wrong ? Do we have an other ,method of measurement of speed of light in physics ?

And what would be , if God himself invented the time ? Because he lives in eternity and has no time. the time is only in our human system of universe.

Therefor the light of the stars are no problem for him to create. He needs no time for light !

Max Planck , the great German scientist , said : " We cannot solve and explore the riddle of our world, bercause we ourselves are part of this riddle "

Matthew from creation museum Moosbrunn Germany

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Comment by Lou F. Reyes on April 5, 2015 at 6:04pm

Another method of measuring speed of light would be based on its energy (since energy of a wave is related to speed, frequency).

Here is something I commented about the problem of saying the one-way properties of the light beam can't be determined...

Setup a photoelectric effect experiment using light going TOWARDS the mirror, and setup an experiment with the light bouncing AWAY FROM the mirror.  According to the photoelectric effect... light acting on a metal will produce electrons with a specific energy (equal to the energy of the incident light).

So, if you have the same results with the ray of light going to the mirror or bouncing from the mirror, than the energy of that light is the same.  There is no reason for the results to be different... unless the energy (speed/frequency) of the light is different.

It would almost be as if the color I see a piece of clothing before it bounces a mirror is different than after it is reflected.

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