Free Creation-Based Webinars in March!

There are 4 FREE creation-based webinars in March that I would like to tell you about! They are being hosted by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association and will be open and free to the public.

Here is the schedule of speakers:

March 15- Dr. Tommy Mitchell
9:00pm ET
Why Can't a Day Mean a Day?

Pseudo-science and speculation are creeping into the Church! Through faulty Biblical interpretations, people are being told to embrace teachings based on a worldview of millions of years of evolution. Along with this slow undermining of God’s authority comes a silent conspiracy to subjugate Scripture to the whims of secular science. But millions of years require millions of compromises on the part of the Christian. Know that you can trust the Bible and its redemptive truth.

March 20- Bodie Hodge
9:00pm ET
The Foundation of Genesis in Today’s Culture

The Book of Genesis was God’s foundational pillar for His people thousands of years ago, and is no less so today.  In it one finds His plan of grace unfolding, from creation of a perfect world to the devastation of sin and the Fall that corrupted all things. Genesis clearly illustrates our world’s need for a Savior and foreshadows Christ’s redeeming work on the Cross.

March 22- Dr. Don DeYoung
9:00pm ET
Current Events in Creation Studies

Just over 150 years since Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species our culture is still embracing the misconceptions and inaccuracies that are at the forefront of evolutionary theory. Yet, from the Genesis Flood to living fossils, true science is still subject to the authority of Scripture. Find out more about carbon-14 dating, intelligent design, life in space, and some of the most asked Bible-science questions on the topics of astronomy, evolution, and more. Come ready to experience some hands-on at-home science activities!

March 29- Dr. Carl Werner
9:00pm ET
Why I Abandoned Evolution

Dr. Werner tells his personal story, describing his 30-year journey of discovery played out over three continents, unearthing truth one fossil at a time. In order to solve the controversy created by the evolutionary theory, he reviewed thousands of fossils from the dinosaur era, comparing them to animals and plants of today. He shares what he has learned along the way that influenced his decision to abandon evolution altogether.

Visit to view these webinars!

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