God's Justice System vs The Civil Justice System

   I've heard it argued that Christianity is immoral because even if someone rapes a woman, and the rapist accepts Jesus in his heart, even if the woman doesn't forgive the man, he can still go to heaven and the woman could still go to Hell. But the person making this claim is getting confused on something important.

   God's justice system deals with people who sinned against Him. To rape, one must give in to very strong sexual urges with were born from very strong lustful thoughts. Even lusting commits adultery (Matthew 5:28) and adultery is a sin (Exodus 20:14). Thus, raping is also sinning against God.

   The civil justice system deals with people who sinned against each other. The system punishes the man for raping the woman. Let's look at speeding. A man was going 55 MPH in a 15 MPH school zone for elementary and special needs kids. The fine is $25,000 dollars. The civil justice system punishes people breaking civil law. God doesn't tell us "Thou shalt not speed" but He does tell us "Submit yourselves for the Lord's sake to every human institution" (1 Peter 2:13). Thus, breaking the law isn't only sinning against man but also against God.

   On judgment day we will give an account for every sin (Romans 14:12). Civil justice deals with people who broke civil law. God's justice deals with those who broke God's law. God was sinned against and has the option to forgive us and be merciful. Which He is and has for those who accept it.

   The best part about God's justice system is that even though we sinned against Him. He took out punishment. Talk about true love.

Thank you for reading. Comments are welcome.

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