Great For God Book Club {Chapters 16 & 17}

Can you believe we are already towards the end of the book? This week we have been reading about Mary Slessor and Oswald Smith. 

Mary helped to rescue twin babies that were born. These babies were usually killed since they were believed to be a curse. Being a mom of twins, this woman is an amazing person in my eyes. Her heart for those twins and their mothers made a difference. Because of her involvement in rescuing these twins, treaties were eventually signed to protect the twins and their mothers. 

Oswald Smith's heart for missions ended up translating to millions of dollars raised to fund the missions. He has over 36 books that have been translated into 125 languages. Those books have sold over six million copies. His heart was to reach all of the people who have never heard the gospel. 

These 2 people, though they worked in different ways, reached countless numbers of people with the gospel. Each one followed their hearts and the call of God on their lives to make an impact on our world. If one person can start the process to save babies and one person can start the ball rolling to raise millions for missions. What can you do today to be great for God? 

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Comment by Jennifer Janes on March 8, 2013 at 4:33pm

I thought these two biographical sketches were very inspiring. They reminded me that if I follow God's lead, no matter what He asks me to do, I can make an eternal impact in someone's life.

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